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There is no doubt that relocation is one of the most challenging events that we encounter. Especially if you are relocating your business. You would want to make sure that relocation doesn’t affect your everyday operation and doesn’t have any impact on your clients. For that reason, you should hire professional movers that will allow you to focus on your business while they relocate your belongings. At The Gentleman Mover, we understand how complex this task is but you can rest assured that we will handle it from the beginning until the end. Get in touch with one of the most reputable commercial movers Philadelphia has and we will relocate your office with ease.


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To ensure the safe relocation of your business you should do good research and find skilled and experienced movers. Not only because they will handle your belongings but because they will help you organize the whole moving process. The Gentleman Mover has one of the most experienced professionals. With over 30 years of experience, you can rest assured that with us you will have a stress-free relocation process. All our movers are properly trained to handle different office equipment. For us, there is no difference between office chairs and heavy printers. We have tools and equipment to handle any item. Because of our modern equipment, our knowledgeable team, and our professionalism we became one of the most recommended commercial moving companies in Philadeplhia.

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While residential relocation involves the relocation of the home or apartment, commercial relocation is a move of your office to a new location. It may seem that residential and commercial relocations are the same because they both involve the relocation of belongings. Still, they are very different and require different equipment. Commercial relocation usually requires more planning and better organization because of the specific timings when it can be done. Also, commercial relocation is specific because of the belongings that movers need to relocate. From heavy machines to office furniture there are a lot of heavy, large, and fragile items. For that reason, it is important to find experienced commercial movers in Philadelphia and ensure the safe relocation of your office inventory. Not only that your movers will have to transport your belongings but they will have to know the rules and arrange moving hours with the property manager.

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In case you are moving to smaller office space and you don’t know what to do with your excessive items- don’t worry. We have storage solutions for you. As we understand that you might possess valuable machines and furniture that you don’t want to sell we offer you a safe space to place those belongings. So give us a call whether you need to store your bulky furniture, heavy machines, or valuable office artwork. Whether you are relocating your business within a city of Philadelphia or to another state rest assured that your belongings will be safe with us. All our storages are climate controlled. You can use them both long-term and short-term. They are under constant supervision and regularly maintained. You can rest assured that your belongings will be in a safe environment. And once you decide to move them to your new location our Philadelphia commercial movers will bring them to you.

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