What To Leave Behind When Moving from NJ to PA

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You have decided that moving from NJ to PA is the right next step. However, as you may already know, relocating means going through a hard, complicated, and costly moving process. You surely must create a good moving plan along with an inventory list and steps for the packing process. And yes, the packing process is why people dread moving in the first place. So, to make it easier, we will help you downsize and end up with fewer items to pack. Let’s decide what to leave behind when moving from NJ to PA.

Inspect your items first to figure out what to leave behind when moving from NJ to PA

Before you can decide what to leave behind when moving from NJ to PA, you must inspect everything you have. This means you will go through all your furniture, clothing, books; you name it. Write it all down on the inventory list and while doing it, decide what will go and what should stay. You should focus on the following categories:

  • Clothing
  • Perishables
  • Furniture
  • Memorabilia
  • Random household items
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Shuffle through and categorize your items before you decide what to do with them.

Now, most of the items can’t be categorized. But we still have them in our garage, attic, or basement. Figure out what to do with them before calling movers Philadelphia PA. Simply because your movers must know how many items you possess to send enough people over along with an appropriately sized moving truck.

Start with the clothing

Downsizing and decluttering is a part of each relocation process. Some people simply throw away random items they have in their homes, never realizing that they are covering the decluttering process. While others are fully aware of it and go through it gradually. You can do it as well. Start by checking specific items that are usually discarded over time for various reasons. Begin with clothing. It is something we wear off, outgrew, or get bored with. Most of it can be donated to charity or a church.

So, set aside all the clothing you do not need anymore. Sort them into a few categories, such as ripped, stained, and not fitting anymore. Then you can donate the pieces that can be worn again and throw away the rest. But probably the easiest way is to wash and pack all the clothing in boxes and let people from the charity organization decide what to do with it. Moreover, if you have expensive or unique pieces, sell them online or at a garage sale. Whatever you decide, just make sure you get rid of it because unused clothing can fit into at least five boxes. You’ll have much more space inside a moving truck if you leave them behind.

Old magazines and books

No one should throw a book ever. But if you have duplicates or books you do not need, donate those as well. As for the magazines and papers you hold onto for no reason, you should get rid of them as well. Ok, if you have collectibles, take them with you. But everything else should be considered additional baggage and something that will take up a lot of space in your new home. Remember, books and magazines are heavy, and you’ll have to invest in good packing materials to carry them over. Figure out if it is worth the trouble in the first place.

hundreds of magazines
People stockpile magazines over time. Do you really need those in your new home?

When it comes to packing materials and packing, it can be a hard process, to be honest. Especially if you have oddly shaped and hard-to-handle items involved. So, if your budget can withstand it, purchase the packing service Philadelphia and have someone else pack everything. It is better to let your movers bring the materials and do it professionally instead of spending days on something you do not have the nerve for.

Unused furniture is something you should leave behind when moving from NJ to PA

The furniture you have in your garage is ready to go. You will either refurbish and use it, sell, donate, or throw it away. This is simply not something you can overlook because old and unused furniture can create numerous problems. Firstly, old wooden rotting furniture is a great environment for pests and mold. Then, it will take up too much space in your new home and your moving truck. Lastly, your furniture movers Philadelphia will invest more labor hours into something you do not need at all. So, inspect it, and keep only those you will use. And, of course, if there are family heirlooms there, bring them with you as well. The same goes for antiques and artwork. You can simply donate everything else. Therefore, old and broken furniture is surely something to leave behind when moving from NJ to PA.


This one goes without saying, but we must explain anyway. Most people think they can relocate their entire pantry and fridge. But you must know that this is not entirely possible. Your food, especially perishable one, is prohibited by moving companies. Food falls into categories of things mover won’t move. For obvious reasons, of course. This does not prevent you from relocating all perishables in your personal vehicle. So, inspect your pantry and figure out if there are items with an expired date. And a week before the move, you should purchase any more groceries. Eat everything you can and throw the rest away.

a woman holding a lemon
Spend your food a few days before moving, and do not bring any of it with you. You will purchase more once you settle in.

Contact movers on time

At some point, you must contact long distance moving companies Philadelphia to obtain the basic info related to the moving process. Also, your movers must have the basic info about your relocation. Communicate with your moving representative and let them know what you must move. Obtain valuable info, services, and a moving quote. Once you do so, you can work on the packing process and your moving budget. Also, do this task on time because most more reputable companies are booked months in advance. As soon as you realize you are relocating, give them a call and wrap it all up.

Now you know what to leave behind when moving from NJ to PA. Mostly it will be old furniture and clothing. But we are sure you will find many broken toys, decorations, paper, and other household items you might not need anymore. Pile them up and figure out if you’ll rent a storage unit to keep them all or donate them. Whatever you choose, it will be good for a clutter-free start. Good luck.


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