Valentine’s Day in Philadelphia – romantic things to do

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People all around the world feel the changes that occur at the beginning of February. All around them red and pink become prominent, as chocolates and flowers appear more and more. All of that in preparation for Valentine’s day! February 14th is one of a few holidays where couples come and celebrate their love. If you have just moved to Philadelphia with the help of Philly movers, then finding things to do with your loved one can be tricky! But dont worry we will tell you what to expect on Valentine’s Day in Philadelphia – romantic things to do!

How to pick the perfect date?

There are some things you need to take into account when making plans for your Valentine’s Day in Philadelphia. Only after thinking this through can you make actual plans. After movers in Villanova help you move, sit down with a pen and paper and make a plan. The first thing you need to consider is your budget. This will be the base of your plan. Without a budget, you can’t decide anything. The next important step is to consider your partner’s likes and dislikes. And the last thing to note down is the time you will have free on that day.

Man comes up with an idea for his Valentine's Day in Philadelphia
Make plans for your Valentine’s Day in Philadelphia on time!

Start the night with a horse-drawn carriage tour

Among the many romantic things to do on Valentine’s Day in Philadelphia, this is perhaps one of the most talked about. This beautiful experience will take you on a private tour along the tree-lined streets of Philadelphia’s Independence National Historic Park, Society Hill, as well as the Old City.

Isn’t this a good chance to see the city right after movers in Conshohocken PA help you come here? Both you and your partner can sit covered in blankets as you look at the beauty of Philadelphia. You can also choose if you wish to take the tour during the day or in the evening. Meaning you have many options and ways to schedule your day!

A romantic dinner can never be out of fashion!

Only days after movers in Bryn Mawr PA help you come here you probably still haven’t settled down or even unpacked. And at times like that simple things like cooking become unimaginably hard. So why not make it easier for both you and your partner? You can spend your Valentine’s day in Philadelphia by visiting one of the city’s restaurants. Now based on your budget and time, there are different options you can choose from!

  • Explore the city delicacies – If you have time as well as a nice budget, you can take your partner and explore the city. Visit the local restaurants both big and small for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Make it a small adventure and find exciting things to do in the meantime.
  • All-you-can-eat buffet – If you have time but are tight when it comes to your budget consider a buffet. For example, at Delaware River, you will find beautiful panoramic views of the city as well as a 2-hour lunch and 3h diner course.
  • A high-end restaurant – For people that have money to spare there are always high-end romantic restaurants. With them, your Valentine’s Day in Philadelphia will be remembered by the great ambiance, out-of-the-world food, and candles!
A couple on a diner
Take your partner out to dinner and spend some relaxing quality time.

Experience the Philadelphia museums

For art lovers, there are many things to experience on Valentine’s Day in Philadelphia! After moving from NJ to PA you will have many chances to explore the city. But if Valentine’s day is approaching then this is the perfect time to explore the local museums! Of course, you can pick the different ones depending on your personal preferences.

  • Illusion museum – Just by coming here you will be able to explore more than 60 exhibits, which will make you question, “How did they do that?”
  • Historical museum – Explore the city’s past by touring one of its beautiful historic museums. And learn about events that shaped it into the city it is now!
  • Art galleries and museums – One more choice is to go and explore the art in the city. Many local artists worth uncovering have their places placed all over town. As well as some already well-known and popular artists.

A romantic stroll

This city by itself is beautiful! So you can already imagine how beautiful it would look decorated for a romantic event like this one! As such don’t let the local beauty go to waste. Explore the city with your partner. Go and see Love park, and take a picture next to the “Love” statue. Tour next to the river, and explore the malls and shopping districts. See the local murals, small and big streets, parks and avenues, and so much more! Spend your Valentine’s Day in Philadelphia holding your partner’s hands and finding hidden sports such as bars and restaurants.

A couple walking
Spend some quality time exploring the city’s wonders

Adventure aquarium

Spend your Valentine’s Day in Philadelphia in the Adventure aquarium! Experience the wonders of marine life with over 85000 different species located in the aquarium. Take nice pictures, see your favorite animals, and relax! Isn’t holding hands and walking under the dim blue lights a romantic moment you will remember?


There are many things you can do for Valentine’s Day in Philadelphia. Of course, what you do depends on your means and likes. The most important thing is that both you and your partner have a good time. But if you like multiple ideas from our list and can’t decide, then you don’t have to! Do all of them! Even when it’s not Valentine’s day.

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