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You have decided to take a big step and relocate to a new neighborhood. It is a big decision, and you must be sure you are moving to a better place before you take action. And as you already know, relocation caries many tasks with it. One must organize, invest, pack, and find one of the best moving companies Philadelphia PA to assist. Despite that, finding one of the best Pennsylvania Cities to relocate with your family is probably the biggest challenge here. So, let us help you out and make it a bit easier. We have a list with a few places worth checking out. Let’s dive right in.

Are you ready to relocate?

Before we take a look at the Pennsylvania Cities to relocate with your family, you must make sure you are ready for the relocation. At least cover the basics like legalities, budget, and a search for an adequate set of moving services Philadelphia area. Your movers will provide those, but you must find them first. So, while searching for your new neighborhood, cover a search for a good moving company as well. You can do it simultaneously, and you’ll be done in a couple of hours. Firstly, inspect your home and figure out how many things you have. Create a moving checklist and include all the furniture on it. Also, ensure it contains information about your moving schedule, legalities, and budget. Once you have it all on paper, start browsing online for movers.

two people working on the moving plan
Be ready for your relocation as well. Search for movers, purchase packing supplies, and create a moving checklist.

Simply compare prices and services until you find a match. Once you implement the search criteria, it will be much easier. Also, read a few moving reviews to make it even easier. And finally, make sure your movers have all the knowledge, expertise, licenses, tools, and a good reputation. Also, they must have all the moving services you require. The packing service Philadelphia is something to aim for. And when you are done, start calling companies and choose the one you are most comfortable with. Now, let’s cover Pennsylvania Cities to relocate with your family and find the best one for you.

The first among Pennsylvania Cities to relocate with your family is Villanova

Villanova is designed for families with children. This city has around 10k residents with a healthy split between males and females. Almost all households are families with children, and around 40% of residents are under the age of 20. Such a promising environment is surely something you are looking for. In Villanova, you will find a tightly-knit community with friendly locals to greet you. We have no doubt you will easily adapt and settle in. So, give it a spin and start exploring. You will love all the restaurants, shopping, history, and attractions related to this place. Once you do, call your movers Villanova and become a part of the Villanova community in a matter of days.

Our next stop, Bryn Mawr

The greater Philadelphia area holds many hidden gems. One of them is surely a place called Bryn Mawr. This place is simply amazing for many things. It is close to Philly, and commuting, in general, is great. This is one of the safest places in the greater Philadelphia area as well. Schools are one of the best in the state, while the job market is vast and colorful. Also, there are many elitist establishments all over the place. Whether you want to have a nice cup of coffee or have a family dinner, you will settle only with the best. Although, such a commodity comes at a price. Be aware that this place is 25% more expensive than the national average. This means you must be sure your budget is in place before you call movers Bryn Mawr PA and start heading there.

Bryn Mawr aerial view
Bryn Mawr is surely a place for families with children. Do not neglect this one.

Now let’s take a look at the Jefferson Hills

This is another fairly small place with a strong community. The cozy and lovely Jefferson Hills has only around 11k residents. And this is what you need as a family with children. A safe and noise-free environment with many playgrounds, parks, and green areas. Also, schools are good, along with all family-friendly establishments. You will love this diverse and promising place. But do not get fooled by the calm nature of this place. There is still enough room for fun, nightlife, and adventures. Besides, Philadelphia is just a few minutes away, in case you get bored. But we are sure you won’t.

Greensburg is for sure one of the Pennsylvania Cities to relocate with your family

Our next stop is in the City of Greensburg. This one is a bit bigger than other cities we have mentioned, with around 15k residents. Greensburg is a typical American suburb with a lot of greenery, great schools, and an amazing food scene. Although, what makes it stand out and extremely popular among families, is that this place is cheap. Yes, the median house value is around $130.000, and with a $45k income per year, you’ll be able to become a homeowner within a couple of years. So, we highly recommend checking this one. You will fall in love with Greensburg quickly.

Finally, Phoenixville

The last one on the list is Phoenixville. We are finishing this guide strong with one of the most promising places in PA. It is simply because this place is exactly in the middle with the costs of living, housing prices, taxes, and groceries. Even though the job market is a bit better and there is a lot to do in Phoenixville, it kept the healthy economy and prices steady. Although the real estate prices are up 4% since the last year, that shouldn’t worry you much.

Greensburg is one of thePennsylvania Cities to relocate with your family
You can make a mistake if you choose one of the lovely cities from our list. All are family-friendly and welcoming.

You can afford to buy a house already at $200k. Moreover, there are many great restaurants and beer pubs in Phoenixville. Seriously, there are many pubs on the main street, so this would be the only place to keep your children away from. It is a place for you, while everything else is designed for families with children. A healthy balance indeed.

Now you know more about Pennsylvania Cities to relocate with your family. We are sure at least one of our candidates will pique your interest. If not, search a bit more on the internet, and you will surely find something. Pennsylvania has many great cities and neighborhoods to choose from. Just keep on looking and once you find it, call your forever loyal furniture movers Philadelphia and embark on a journey of a lifetime. Good luck.


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