Tips for Avoiding Kitchen Moving Disasters When Moving from NJ to PA

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When moving house, there are so many things you have to do to make sure things work out. Some rooms and items are more delicate than others. However, this is where the best movers who specialize in moving and storage Philadelphia has ever seen come in. If you’re wondering whether this applies to relocating your kitchen as well, the answer is yes. It is, however, always better to be safe than sorry. That is why The Gentleman Mover presents you with tips for avoiding kitchen moving disasters when moving from NJ to PA in this article. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in one’s home, so naturally, you want to pay close attention to it. We’ll cover everything, from taking care of the small items, to the big kitchen appliances. With our simple guide, you’ll move your kitchen from NJ to PA in absolutely no time.

Important things to know that’ll help with avoiding kitchen moving disasters when moving from NJ to PA

Moving a kitchen can be very overwhelming because of all the small things you must pay attention to. It might look simple at first, but when moving day draws near, you might find yourself not knowing what to do. Luckily, we’re one of the residential movers Philadelphia area residents pick most frequently, so we’ve had our fair share of kitchen moves. Here are some very important tips to help you prepare your kitchen for the move.

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There are some universal things you should know when preparing your kitchen for a move.
  • To avoid kitchen moving disasters when moving from NJ to PA, all of your kitchen appliances should be emptied, cleaned, and dried before moving day, otherwise a mess might be made.
  • Related to the first tip, empty and defrost your refrigerator and freezer before the move. This especially goes for the older models that frequently have ice building up the walls.
  • For your own good, unplug all of your bigger appliances and secure the cords, cables and other delicate parts. We’re talking about handles, buttons, knobs, et cetera. Smaller appliances also tend to have these parts, so you can secure them, too. Use good packing materials while you’re at it.
  • For your own sake and the sake of anyone who might live in your old home, get a plumber to check the sink for any problems.
  • Of course, your kitchen has many other things besides big and clunky appliances. As with every other room in your home, make sure to declutter your kitchen before you start packing. This will make the whole process of packing your kitchen before the move much easier. You’ll also come to realize that you don’t need to bring all the items from your kitchen with you, which can help you save money and cut down moving costs a bit.

Pack your kitchen properly, and you’ll have prevented most of the potential disasters

It’s a well-known and often repeated fact that packing your items properly will keep them safe in transit. It will, simultaneously, help you with avoiding kitchen moving disasters when moving from NJ to PA. Moving from NJ to PA will be quite a long trip, so you want to make sure your kitchen is packed perfectly if you want to avoid kitchen moving disasters when moving from NJ to PA. 

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Small kitchen appliances are much easier to handle and pack, so take good care of them.

Like we said before, the first and most crucial step is to use good packing materials. It doesn’t matter whether they’re brand new or second-hand: if the packing materials are in good condition, they’ll do the job. Another good tip is to keep the original packaging of your smaller appliances. Blenders, coffee makers, rice cookers, and air fryers all come in neat little boxes that will keep them safe. Make sure to fill the boxes with packing peanuts or something of the sort for extra safety! The less the thing inside the box can move, the less likely it is to break and get damaged.

One of the most frequent moving services Philadelphia area residents use are packing services. Our movers, for example, can pack your bigger items before the move to PA for you. However, smaller and more delicate things such as cutlery and glassware are best handled by yourself. Sort out those forks, spoons, knives, pots, and pans, pack them neatly in a nice box, and you’re good to go. Your kitchen will soon be ready for the move from NJ to PA, and you’ll have one thing less to worry about.

Moving your kitchen and home is complicated, but it doesn’t have to be

Of course, things aren’t always so simple when it comes to packing your kitchen and home for the move. What about those many shelves you might have lying around, or that cabinet where you hold your miscellaneous kitchen tools and such? With The Gentleman Mover, you don’t have to worry about moving your kitchen and the furniture inside of it from NJ to PA. 

We have some of the best furniture movers Philadelphia has ever had. They can come and take care of any piece of furniture you might have. It doesn’t matter if it’s a shelf, cabinet or anything of the sort: they can come and take care of it with ease. With the help of our movers, your move will be simple, fast, and efficient.

man putting glasses in a box to avoid kitchen moving disasters when moving from NJ to PA
Avoiding kitchen moving disasters when moving from NJ to PA can be easy with the help of The Gentleman Mover!

At the end of the day, you’ll see that preparing a kitchen for the move isn’t so hard and complicated. We hope that our tips for avoiding kitchen moving disasters when moving from NJ to PA will help you keep your appliances and items safe. As with every other moving company out there, the only thing we care about is getting your home from point A to point B safely and efficiently. So, why not go ahead and hire The Gentleman Mover Philadelphia to help you? Our many happy and satisfied customers are proof of our excellent moving services. We assure you that you won’t regret calling us and getting a free moving quote.

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