Things to Do in Philadelphia During the Thanksgiving Week

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If you didn’t know, Philadelphia is home to the oldest Thanksgiving Day Parade. It has massive floats, talented performers, celebrities, dance groups, and marching bands. They all walk down the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and this is just one of the many things you can do in Philadelphia during the Thanksgiving week. After all, it is the season of gratitude and it is a start of a wonderful holiday season. If you just moved or you are thinking about moving – make sure that you visit all of these interesting things during the Thanksgiving week.

The most important thing to do in Philadelphia during the Thanksgiving week – 6abc Dunkin’ Thanksgiving Day Parade

One of the first things that you need to do in Philadelphia after residential movers Philadelphia area unloads all of your belongings is to visit this oldest Thanksgiving Parade in the country. The Parade begins on November 24, at 8:30 am at 20th Street and John F. Kennedy Boulevard. Make sure to get there on time so you can enjoy massive floats, choirs, dance groups, and the moment when Santa arrives! He is officially marking the beginning of the holiday season in Philadelphia. And the most important moment of this Thanksgiving Parade is the parade’s finish at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. This is really a unique event that you will love and visit every year after moving to Philadelphia. 

Thanksgiving parade is one of the things to do in Philadelphia During the Thanksgiving Week
The Thanksgiving parade in Philadelphia is the oldest in the country!

You should visit the Philadelphia Holiday Tree at City Hall

Once you get into the holiday spirit, the next stop should be the Philadelphia Holiday Tree at City Hall. You can visit it from November 15 until January 1, 2023. It is located on the north side of City Hall, right next to Dilworth Park which is home to numerous festive winter activities. The Gentleman Mover Philadelphia will gladly help you organize your relocation, so you can light up your tree at the same time as the Philadelphia Holiday Tree at City Hall – on December 1. This is a great tradition and the tree-lighting ceremony is really wonderful. Make sure to add this to your calendar!

Make sure to visit a Longwood Christmas at Longwood Gardens in Philadelphia during the Thanksgiving week

Although you should visit this great place all year round, during winter Longwood Gardens is a truly unique and breathtaking place. It transforms from November 18 to a winter wonderland. Longwood Christmas is very popular in Philadelphia. Every year, there is a different theme, and this year – The Art of Christmas is really wonderful! It includes floating floral displays, dozens of holiday trees, enchanting treehouses, and a luminous light display. Just make sure to get your ticket on time!

Visit Peddler’s Village

Peddler’s Village is a great place for the whole family during the holiday season. It starts on November 18 and lasts until January 15, 2023. It has a unique charm and it is really magical and beautiful. With the help of local movers Philadelphia, you can finish your relocation just in time to visit more than 60 specialty shops that are ideal for holiday shopping. With its festive decorations, it really brings the festive spirit. More than 1 million twinkling lights are covering buildings and trees, and you can enjoy this view at 2400 Street Road, New Hope. This year you can also enjoy The Gingerbread Competition which has more than 70 creative entries. You will have a lot of fun, that is guaranteed.

twinkling lights
In Peddler’s Village, you will be able to enjoy more than 1 million twinkling lights!

Visit the Holiday light show at Shady Brook Farm near Philadelphia during the Thanksgiving week

One of the things that are near Philadelphia during the Thanksgiving week is the Shady Brook Farm. This is a family-run farm that was transformed from a more than 100 years old produce farm to a farm market and garden center. It is also home to top-notch seasonal events like Holiday Light Show which has more than three million lights. You can drive around and enjoy them or if the weather allows ride in wagons. You can enjoy illuminated tunnels and different Christmas icons made from tiny bulbs. Also, you need to eat a ticket for this, so moving to Philadelphia on a budget will have a lot of perks – you will be able to visit a lot of unique places!

Visit Franklin Square

From November 16 to February 26, 2023, you can enjoy the winter season at Franklin Square. There are free nightly shows that are inspired by Franklin’s legendary kite and key experiment. While you listen to the seasonal tunes, you can enjoy how the square illuminates every 30 minutes starting at 5 p.m. You will also find burger and beverage stands, so you can enjoy a whole evening here. Also, you can visit the classic Parx Liberty Carousel or Chilly Philly Mini Golf. Just note that there won’t be any programs on Thanksgiving day – but after all – you will be visiting the Thanksgiving parade on that day and enjoying a great family meal with your family.

One of the things to do in Philadelphia during Thanksgiving week is visiting the zoo!

Starting on November 17, until January 7, 2023, Philadelphia Zoo transforms into a multimedia spectacle during the night. After all, the animals are safely tucked away, the zoo lights up! It has more than 1 million holiday lights that are in1 4 distinct zones. When you are looking for moving services Philadelphia area make sure to get to Philadelphia on time so you don’t miss this year’s display! It will have a 15-foot tall glowing blue gorilla. Also, an under-the-sea-inspired holiday tree. Also, there will be a 100-foot-long aquarium tunnel! And don’t forget to look for the 21-foot-tall bright snake! Also, you can get hot chocolate and adult beverages in the zoo. Make sure to get your ticket on time!

Visit the Museum of the American Revolution on Thanksgiving weekend in Philadelphia

From November 25 to 27 the Revolution place transforms into the 18th center winterscape. It is kid-friendly and you can learn all about life during the snowy winter months and discover how the holiday was celebrated during the war. It really is an interesting weekend activity, so make sure to visit it during Thanksgiving weekend in Philadelphia!

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