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Relocating furniture from one location to another takes a lot of effort and planning. Some of the items may be extra-large or extra bulky, further complicating the entire endeavor. Thus, it is a task that you usually want to hire professional assistance for. At The Gentleman Mover, we specialize in relocating all sorts of furniture, even the most delicate. We have years of experience working with antique shops, where we relocated some of the most delicate furniture items existing. We are the furniture movers Philadelphia knows and loves! And we work at competitive, affordable, prices, too! Get your free moving estimate today and see for yourself!

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We will get your furniture into your new home in no time!

The Gentleman Mover – One of the Best Furniture Movers Philadelphia Has to Offer!

Most of the furniture moving companies Philadelphia has on offer view their work as simply that – work. But we go a step further. The Gentleman Mover always does everything in our power to provide our customers that “extra mile”. All of our relocation services, furniture moving included, provide extra value to our customers. That is something about us that allowed us to climb the professional rankings and establish ourselves as one of the best movers in Philadelphia.

We have all the necessary equipment to facilitate the relocation of all possible furniture pieces. Heavy desks, office equipment, antiques, you name it we can move it! And we will do it like gentlemen!

Honest, upfront, estimates

There is no denying that relocating your furniture from one location to another can get pricey, especially if you are moving it long-distance. For this reason, it is very important that your furniture movers Philadelphia provide you with accurate estimates. That will allow you to plan your budget and the rest of your moving services.

Being an experienced Philadelphia mover, we are able to provide you with unrivaled estimate accuracy and 100% honesty. You will know, without question, exactly how much your furniture relocation is going to cost. You can get a free estimate for quick reference, or you can schedule an in-home visit for a binding estimate. We suggest you go with both, as the free estimate does not cost you anything (and will be almost as accurate), whereas the binding estimate provides you with a complete guarantee of cost.

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You will not need to break out the calculator, we will provide you with all the information upfront!

Licensed, bonded, and insured

Speaking of guarantees, you will expect that one of the top furniture movers in Philadelphia is properly licensed, bonded, and insured. And, of course, you would be right! The Gentleman Mover leaves nothing to chance when it comes to the safety of our customer’s belongings. Our insurance options ensure that, no matter what happens, our clients have coverage. And our credentials are there to provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are dealing with a reputable, respected, moving company.

A mover dedicated to excellence

Another thing that separates us from most other furniture moving companies Philadelphia has to offer is the fact that we approach our work almost fanatically. The Gentleman Mover is dedicated to excellence in everything that we do, from planning to execution. Our team leaves nothing to chance and is extremely meticulous when it comes to relocating furniture. We know how important it is to provide our clients with a smooth and issue-free relocation experience in the city of Philadelphia. Our furniture movers are experts in packing the truck to maximize the available space. This allows us to provide you with a “smaller” truck and therefore reduce the cost of your move.

Our goal is for our customers to leave their worries “at the door” as soon as they contact us. We want you to know that when you choose one of the best furniture movers Philadelphia has, you will have nothing to worry about!

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When you hire one of the top furniture movers Philadelphia has, quality is what you get!

Professional disassembly/assembly services – maximum protection, minimum stress

All our furniture relocation services include top-quality packing materials. Furthermore, our team is trained in disassembling and assembling almost every piece of furniture that can be disassembled. This shortens the time the relocation process takes and, in turn, makes your relocation cost less. Do note, however, that some furniture pieces simply cannot abide disassembly. But we will inform you of any such pieces prior to the relocation process and they will be included in the full estimate. You never have to worry that there will be any “unforeseen circumstances” when you hire us for your relocation. When you hire The Gentleman Mover to relocate your items, you are choosing maximum protection and minimum stress!

Moving services for every situation

Aside from being able to provide you with furniture relocation services, we can also offer numerous other moving services. If you are planning a relocation from the greater Philadelphia area to any location in the country, you can count on the following services:

As one of the best furniture movers in Philadelphia, we can also provide our business customers with lightning-fast, supremely safe, office relocations. We utilize the advanced technology to ensure that our business relocations are conducted in a safe and very expedient manner. Our team will also help you rearrange your furniture until you are completely satisfied, leaving only after the job is 100% done! When you want a satisfaction guarantee, you call The Gentleman Mover!

Give Us a Call and We Will Do All the Heavy Lifting For You!

When it comes to the top furniture movers Philadelphia has to offer, there is only one mover that will offer true gentleman service, amazing prices, and maximum safety for your furniture items – The Gentleman Mover! Contact us today, tell us what your furniture moving project is, and we will make it easy for you! With us in your proverbial corner, you can leave your worries at the door and focus on what comes ahead!


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