Questions to ask Philly movers before hiring them

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Hiring movers in Philadelphia is a process that can take some time if you are a first-time move. And that is why, when looking for professional movers, you need to ask some questions. These questions will help you decide which moving company is the best for you. And today, you will find out what you can ask Philly movers before hiring them. With this in mind, you will be able to relocate with ease. And with the help of The Gentleman Movers Philly, you will find out what you can ask them. Here is what you need to know.

Make a list

This is something that you need to do before you call your movers to enquire more about them. It will help you organize your search and narrow down the choices. So, the questions are:

  • Ask about licenses
  • What kind of moving services you can expect from them
  • Are they carriers or brokers
  • What kind of coverage do they provide
  • Are there different types of estimates
a list you will use to write down the questions you would like to ask Philly movers before hiring them
Always make a list of questions you would like to ask Philly movers before hiring them

One of the questions to ask Philly movers before hiring them is about their licenses

This is perhaps one of the most important questions you need to ask your movers before moving to Philly. Through The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website (or in short FMCSA) you will see if they have proper licenses to work in their field. That means that they need to have accreditation to work as a pro-moving company. Although sometimes this will not guarantee you have a good price, you will know you are not dealing with any fraudulent movers.

This is very important. It will help you find the best possible movers who can help you out. And not only that, you can speed up the moving process as well. By hiring professional movers, you will know that your items are in good hands so you won’t have to worry about anything. in the end, safety should be your top priority. And what better way to make sure everything is safe than to have help from a professional moving company?

Ask them about the moving services they provide

This is one other question that can help you narrow down the choices you can make for the moving companies. It will help you also better prepare for the move. So, depending on your needs you need to know:

  • What kind of moving services do they provide
  • What is their experience
  • Do they use special moving equipment? Especially when you want to move a piano. You should always hire professional piano movers in Philadelphia to help you out.
  • What kind of trucks do they have
  • Ask them about their previous mov
a mover packing items
Ask your movers if they provide professional packing services

These questions will help you out and speed up the picking process when it comes to hiring movers. And it will surely mean a lot when you are about to move. The moving process can be complicated when you have to move some fragile items. That is why you should take some time when picking the right professional movers.

What it means if they are brokers or carriers

When you are hiring movers, you need to know if they are brokers or carriers. Brokers are the “middle man” in the moving process. Meaning that they will hire other movers to do the relocation, and then just take provision. This can be risky because you may end up hiring scammers.

Carriers are the movers who will provide you with their moving services. This can mean a lot because in this case, you will surely work with legitimate and professional movers. Especially when moving from NJ to PA. And if you want to make sure everything is OK, you should always make sure to move with the help of professionals.

Asking about coverage

Moving coverage is something like insurance that the movers should provide you with. And that is in the case of broken or missing items during the move. Now, all companies are required by law to provide some basic liability coverage free of charge. That means that in the worst-case scenario, you will get $0.30 per pound of the item for the intrastate, or $0.60 for the interstate move.

Having moving insurance means that you will cover your items properly and move without any worries. And in the case of professional movers, you will always be able to do this. And if you ask more, you will surely be able to rely on professional Philly moving servicesDon’t risk damaging your items when you can call professionals to help you out.

Ask your movers about estimates

Now, this is one of the best questions you can ask. Moving companies will provide you with some kind of moving estimate that will help you organize your finances. There are several types of moving estimates you should know more about. There are binding, nonbinding, and binding not to exceed.  The binding estimate gives you a fixed price that can’t change. Nonbinding means that the price can wary.

hands holding money
Make sure to know more about the estimates

With the moving estimates, you will be able to properly plan your moving budget. This can be important to remember because it will surely help you out with your move. Make sure to take your time when looking for movers if you want to avoid any possible issues during the move.

Once you learn what are the most important questions you should ask Philly movers before hiring them, you can get ready for the move without any problems. And you can also visit our blog. We have tons of great articles that can provide you with some of the best moving tips and tricks. This can mean a lot when you want to plan your move, and just want to make it easier. Also, give us a call and receive your free moving estimate.


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