The dos and don’ts of putting a piano in storage

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When you are about to make such a huge change like moving, the best thing you can do is to prepare well and in advance. Learn all the things that can help you make all the right choices. This is especially true if you plan on putting a piano in storage. Since you could make all kinds of mistakes, partner up with professionals that know what they do. So the important step is to find a moving and storage Philadeplhia based company that will have all the answers to your questions.

How to find the best company to hire?

If you know someone who moved recently and have a recommendation. That will save you time and money for sure. But if this is just not the case for you, take some time and do a research. Have in mind that there are many different companies and also many different moving services Philadelphia area based. Go to the website of the company that interested you and read all you can find about them. Look for how long are on the market. And for sure read all the reviews.

Find a company that can help you with moving and storing your stuff.

It is also important to check if they offer the services you need. If you have a piano and want someone to take care of it during your relocation, search for piano movers Philadelphia. For your needs, they must have special equipment to move your heavy piano. And not only that. They will need skilled movers to execute that. So check all those specifics before you sign the deal. Also, ask for an estimate. They are free and don’t settle before you get them from at least three different companies.

Putting a piano in storage is a challenge

We don’t want to scare you, but putting a piano in storage is a challenge. But as with any other, you can solve it if you have the right information. And we are here to take care of that for you with some tips. So after you hire amazing furniture movers Philadelphia, read some more about the subject.

The things you should avoid when it comes to storing your beloved instrument

When you plan to store your piano, find reliable storage. There are many different storing solutions. You can use self-storage or you can rent a unit in a store near you. But whatever you choose, you should pack it well. Moving a piano for sure is not a one-man job. If you are about to transport it by yourself, prepare some towels and call as many friends as you can to help. Five or six people will be perfect for the job. But if this all seems just too complicated (and we agree that it is), you can ship this step and ask your movers to add a packing service Philadelphia.

Putting a piano in storage is a challenge
We have hacks for your putting a piano in storage.

Avoid storing the piano outside. This seems obvious, but we still want to mention that you shouldn’t do it, not even for a short period. Weather conditions can change quickly, or something other could damage it. So use indoor storage space. And even in indoor storage, you should avoid putting the piano directly on the floor. You never know what people in the neighborhood unit have. Something liquid can spill and come into your unit. Better put some pallets on the floor and covet it with a tarp. Then put a piano on that. This way, the instrument will be lifted and also protected from a liquid by the tarp. Another this you should skip is storing it dirty. Dirt has a bad habit of attracting insects. So before you cover your piano, polish all the wooden parts and between keys. You can even hire a piano cleaning service.

Things you should do before putting a piano in storage

Even if you are about to store a piano for a short time, the smartest thing to do is to rent a climate-controlled storage unit. The advantage of this kind of storage space is that you are the one to decide the temperature at which items there will be saved. But not only that, you can regulate the percentage of humidity. This is just the best way to store any fragile items and the piano is no different.

piano storage
Put your beloved instrument in a climate-controlled storage unit.

Like with any other item that you won’t use for some time, it is best to keep your piano cover. If you already don’t have a protective piano cover, this is just the right time to get one. They are made to help you keep your instrument from dust. At the same time, it will have just enough fresh air so it can breathe. That way you’ll be sure that it won’t develop any mold or rot.  You’ll be able to find some generic covers. They can adjust in size to fit any array of pianos. Have in mind that plastic wrap or a tarp won’t be the best choice for covering your piano, since those materials won’t breathe properly. If you really don’t have time to order some proper cover, it is better to use sheets and blankets.

We gave you some great advice

Your moving to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania should be joyful. And we wish you to experience only those kinds of feelings in the period of relocation. That is possible only if you plan it all well and on time. That’s why we made this useful article, to help you realize all challenges: even when it comes to putting a piano in storage. If you are facing any other problems, don’t stay stuck in a panic. Do all you can to gather as much information and to find a solution. Because it is always there for you, it can just take some time to find it. And with moving it is always smart to start as soon as possible. We wish you good luck and joyful relocation!

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