Top Places to Buy a Home in Greater Philadelphia Area

House and a green lawn in one of the Places to Buy a Home in Greater Philadelphia Area
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Buying a home is an exciting time in your life. You probably want this to be your dream home. And picking the right property is important, but picking the right city is important as well. You want to live in a place you can call your home. So, we have explored some of the places to buy a home in the greater Philadelphia area. You can try and see if any of these would fit what you are searching for. Once you do decide, there are moving companies Philadelphia area based that will help you get to your dream house. The only thing you need to do is to write down what you are looking for in a city and what kind of neighborhood you wish for. After that, you can easily match your wishes with cities in the Philadelphia area.

Explore places to buy a home in the greater Philadelphia area

Philadelphia is a great city to live in. It is well-liked because of its location since you get an East Cost living experience. But in addition to that, living conditions are good for most people. They have affordable housing, and the city offers a variety of job opportunities. It also has a lot of cultural and historical attractions, like The Barnes Foundation and The Philadelphia Museum of Art. It also offers many recreational activities. Philadelphia has over 300 parks, many trails, and community gardens. So, it really can offer something for everyone. You could hire moving services Philadelphia area companies to offer to have the easiest possible relocation.

view of Philadelphia area
Philadelphia offers great housing and other activities

Bryn Mawr

This suburb, with a population of around 5000 residents, will give you a calm but urban feeling. So, you would still feel like you are living in the city, but you will be away from all the noise. Movers Bryn Mawr PA would help you make a home in this suburb. It is a great place to live; it is a safe neighborhood with good public schools. But the living costs are a bit higher, so make sure you do your research about this. Most residents own their homes here.

Milford Square

Milford Square is considered one of the best suburbs in Philadelphia to buy a house in. Most people here own their homes, so it is a well-developed housing market. You won’t have any problem buying a home here. You can live here comfortably, in safe neighborhoods with a lot of activities. It has good education options as well for your kids. You can easily find the necessary packing services Philadelphia moving companies offer for your relocation.


Villanova is another place that would be perfect for people going to school or families with kids. It is located only around 12 miles from the center of Philadelphia. Villanova University has six different colleges and is very well connected to the suburb. It offers amazing parks and gardens that you can enjoy and has a good variety of restaurants and places to go. Moving to this suburb could be an easy task for you; after calling the movers Villanova has to offer, all you would have to do is settle in.

University and people in the hallway
Villanova is a great option if you are looking for higher education opportunities

Chestnut Hill

Chestnut Hill can be an amazing suburb to move to. It is also called Philadelphia’s Garden District and is one of the greenest suburbs. Moving here, you could be choosing between huge estate house properties, townhouses in Victorian style, or twin homes. It can be a great place if you are looking for good education for your kids as well. There are great options for private schools and Chestnut Hill College for higher education.

Birmingham Township – one of the best places to buy a home in Greater Philadelphia Area

This suburb is in Chester County and has a population of around 4000 people. It is a very liked suburb, and many people are choosing to move here. Housing is affordable, and there are a lot of things to do. No matter if you are searching for great education or great nightlife, you can find it both here. But moving is not always the easiest. So, you can get moving companies to help you with this process. Even if you need more specialized services, like hiring piano movers Philadelphia is a great option.

The difference between living in a small town and a big city

If you are wondering whether you should buy a house in a big city or a small town, you might want to make a list. Making a list of everything you want from the place you live in can help you decide. Are you someone who loves getting lost in the streets of big cities? Do you enjoy all the hustle and bustle of a lively city? Many activities, social gatherings, and that atmosphere? Or maybe you want to lead a quiet life. Somewhere where you know most of the people living in that town. Where there is peace and quiet.

These are not the only differences between a big city and a smaller town, of course. The price of housing, job opportunities, education opportunities, and similar things are very important to take into account. Once you make a decision, you can call a moving company and get furniture movers Philadelphia has to help you move into a new city.

look of the suburbs
Decide whether you would like to live in a big city or a smaller town

After exploring places to buy a home in Greater Philadelphia Area comes getting used to living there

Settling in is not always easy. Especially if you just moved to a new city or a town. Once you choose between places to buy a home in the greater Philadelphia area and you actually do it, you might feel anxious. Everything can seem unfamiliar, so it is good to have people you know around. This can help you out a lot. There are ways to cope with the anxiety of moving to a new place if this is something you might feel. But also, having your new house set up to look familiar and filled with your favorite things and decorations will speed up the process of getting used to a new place.

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