A quick guide to moving locally with a pet

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When people decide to relocate, they are usually full of excitement and see only the best in the change. That is a good thing for sure, but also, often happens that just after that first wave of happiness, people realize how many challenges they have to face in order to move their households to another place. One of those challenges for you can be how to handle moving locally with the pet. If that is the case, we are here to help you with our guide. The very first piece of advice is to get yourself a reliable moving company to partner with, and The Gentleman Mover has experienced stuff that will help you in every possible way.

Experienced movers can help you

If this is the first time you are about to relocate, have in mind that hiring experienced movers can make your relocation so much easier. If you are about to relocate somewhere close, try to find the best residential movers Philadelphia area has to offer. First, set your moving budget. And don’t be afraid that moving is very expensive. It doesn’t have to be, especially if you are relocating not too far from where you live now. Movers will calculate their bill due to the mileage they have to pass and the weight of their load. It is good to know this before you start looking for a company.

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Experienced movers will know how to help you.

Also, movers can do more than just a relocation. If you don’t have a lot of time to prepare everything, you can ask them for some additional services. Tell them everything in the initial interview and let them offer you some options to decide from. For example, if you are not skillful in packing or just don’t have time to do that on your own, ask for a packing service Philadelphia based company. This service will be charged extra, but it can be a savior since many people have to continue with their life, family obligations, and work.

What you have to know before moving locally with a pet

Just after you make a decision on local movers Philadelphia you want to partner up with, learn as much as you can about moving locally with a pet. Being well-prepared will make everything easier, so get as much information in advance as you can. Learn how to help your pet get through this experience with as little stress as possible.

Research the location of your new home

It would be so much easier to be well-prepared when it comes to how pet-friendly your new home and neighborhood are. Check if your new home has a backyard and whether or not it’s fenced. You should know if your new neighborhood has a walkability layout like some busy streets and sidewalks. Learn how far is local vet or animal hospital, is, and if is there anywhere close dog park. You will probably appreciate knowing if are there any pet-friendly café and restaurants so you can start exploring the area with your fur best friend.

What you have to know before moving locally with a pet
Learn what you have to know before moving locally with a pet.

Create Travel Kit for your pet

Having a Travel Kit for your pet means being well-prepared in advance. These are the thing you may need during the transportation and in the first few hours in your new home. So check did you put there all the important stuff. We recommend you include a supply of food and water for traveling and when you just arrive. You may need some wet food for your pet – so you will need to have an opening on your hand. Skip feeding your pet just before you depart. Have some spill-proof food with yourself, it will be easier for traveling. Your pet may need a blanket or a pillow.

Get them some treats and favorite toys to make everything lighter. If you need to clean up some potential mess. So paper towels can come in handy. Don’t forget some poo bags since you will need them for sure. Have by your side a stake and leash, too. Talk to your vet and ask them if you should get some sedatives for traveling. Of course, a cage or pet carrier is a must-have.

Keep your pet out of the action when moving day come

Since you can just imagine how stressful a move can be for your pet – just as it can be for you – you have to find out ways to curb their stress level and control anxiety when packing time comes. So the smart thing will be to ask your friend to take your pet on a moving day. The other option is to leave it to the trusted kennel. If you can’t do any of this, leave them in the quietest room in your home. Another great option is a fenced backyard. Check on them from time to time, feed them and give them water.

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Keep the routines the same for your pet, even on a moving day, if possible.

Animals love routines. So keep their routines the same in the days before your moving day. And if it is possible, keep the same routine even on the moving day. The known and practiced will keep your pet calm and help them accept new situations. So have that in mind when you prepare for your move.

Was our guide to moving locally with a pet helpful?

To help you, we made this guide to moving locally with a pet to help you with your Philadelphia, US relocation. Even in a stressful situation like moving, you can make it easier if you know the right steps. Also, don’t forget to stay calm. Your pet will feel if you are nervous and that will affect them for sure. Being well-prepared will make it all flow with much more ease and your animal friend will get through this change without anxiety attacks. Plan all well and have reliable movers who will know how to handle any situation that come up.

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