Moving From Philadelphia in The Summer – Tips and Tricks

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A time-consuming, costly, and tiring process is in front of you. Yes, you are moving from Philadelphia in the summer which makes things even worse. Moving without summer heat is hard, let alone when the temperature is high. It can hinder your progress greatly if you are not prepared for it. Therefore, today we will focus on how to prepare, pack, and find one of the moving companies Philadelphia area to assist you. Let’s cover this topic together and keep you and your belongings safe.

When are you moving?

Before you can contact furniture movers Philadelphia, you must choose a moving date and create a personalized moving plan. Contact your movers at some point to check the availability and ask them what the mandatory requirements are. They will tell you how to prepare and you will work on a moving date together. Presumably, the one you like the most. But simply because you are moving from Philadelphia in the summer, the moving date can be changed due to extremely high temperatures. Of course, it depends on the area you are moving to as well. If you are moving to a nearby state or to a wider Philly area, then you’ll be exposed to the unforgiving summer sun the entire day. So, you better consult with movers and follow the forecast as well.

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Choose your moving date well in advance to give yourself a head start.

Once you decide on a moving date, start preparing for the relocation. Inspect your belongings and figure out the order of packing and packing supplies requirements. You can consult with your movers Bryn Mawr PA on this matter as well. As long as you inspect your items, and the environment, and bring the basic info to them, your movers will be able to forge a safe and affordable moving plan.

Summer is the peak season for movers

As you may know, the summer period is very busy for moving companies. It is the peak season and most people want to move while the weather is favorable. Although, prices can be up to 30% higher due to the high demand and tight schedules. And this is the issue with all moving companies. The good part is that they offer a bunch of discounts, better offers, and unique deals for customers who are loyal and use their services over the summer. And keep in mind that most of the highly-rated companies are booked months in advance. You should schedule your relocation on spring if you want a specific company to assist you when moving from Philadelphia in the summer.

This situation can be quite messy when you look at your moving budget. If you have enough to cover the pricier relocation, then fine. But if you struggle and do not have enough, consider moving over the colder period. Autumn and winter are the non-peak season and are 30% cheaper than crowded summer relocations. Keep this in mind if you ever get into this situation.

Prepare the budget for moving from Philadelphia in the summer

As we have said, summer relocation can be quite expensive. This means you must set aside the appropriate moving budget. A budget that will cover all your moving-related tasks, packing supplies, moving services, and a bit on the side for unexpected events. As for the moving date, aim for a day in the middle of the month. Simply because around the beginning of each month, people move a lot, and dates are booked tightly while prices are higher.

calculating budget
Relocating during summer can be hot for your wallet as well. Prepare an adequate budget on time.

For the packing materials, you can buy reusable ones on Craig’s List or purchase the entire batch from your movers. Of course, there is always the local hardware store that can supply you with all the packing materials that are necessary. Do a bit of decluttering and downsizing to make your relocation easier and cheaper. This way you can save some money and use it for other things. On the other hand, if your budget is a bit higher, consider purchasing a packing service Philadelphia. Movers can bring all the materials and pack you quickly and safely. Only if you want them to.

Moving services that can help you with moving from Philadelphia in the summer

Movers offer a variety of moving services Philadelphia area you can use. Some of them will change your life while others are obsolete for your moving situation. Therefore, you must know what is out there before you can choose the right moving package for you. Check out the following:

  • Local moving.
  • Long-distance moving.
  • Packing services.
  • Commercial moving.
  • Special services.

Under special services, we have anything that is out of the ordinary. Some people have robust furniture, artwork, a gun rack, or a piano. Such items require special handling and adequate techniques to be used. For example, if you have a piano, you should contact piano movers Philadelphia and let them assist you with this one. They will bring all the tools and equipment as well as enough manpower to handle such an object. You shouldn’t worry for a second, your piano is in great hands.

How to endure high temperatures?

No matter what kind of weather you are expecting, you should get up early and start the moving process. Yes, you will follow the forecast but you can’t count on it 100%. So, if your movers are scheduled for 8 am, you should get up at 5 am and start sorting things out. Go over everything to make sure you are properly packed without any items protruding from boxes. Also, inspect the environment once more to be sure it is a safe place to conduct your relocation in. Then, set your AC to an appropriate temperature to keep your home cool. Your movers Villanova will appreciate it greatly.

keep yourself hydrated while moving from Philadelphia in the summer
Keep yourself hydrated and have a towel and spare clothing to change.

Also, you should have cold beverages for yourself and everyone involved. And you can have ice cream, snacks, or even sandwiches ready if anyone is feeling hungry. Lastly, think about what you’ll wear on that day. We suggest a light-colored shirt and pants that reflect the sun’s rays. Also, keep a spare garment in case you have to change misprocess.

Try to get in shape and stay safe

Finally, you must take care of your health while moving. Simply because you are in charge of the moving process, and you must stay focused through it. High temperatures can get the best of us and you can easily get nauseated or even sick. Therefore, you must have a healthier diet, more sleep, and drink enough fluids. Do this at least a week before the move and you’ll feel much better. If you have time, we strongly advise exercising a bit as well. As you may know, relocating home is physically hard and it requires you to be stronger and to endure all kinds of physical and mental challenges. So, take care of yourself to avoid being struck by headaches, dizziness, and nausea.

You are finally ready for moving from Philadelphia in the summer. It won’t be easy for sure but we are sure you’ll manage it. Start early and hopefully you’ll be done before the scorching sun is high up in the sky. Good luck.


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