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When relocating home, one must cover many different tasks. Some are harder than others but one thing is certain, you must cover them all. So, you should organize packing, prepare the budget, find movers Philadelphia PA, and cover all moving-related legalities. But one task is extremely hard and that is moving a piano. Among all the robust and hard-to-handle furniture, this one is definitely the hardest one to cover. Therefore, today we will help you with moving a piano in Greater Philadelphia area. Let’s do it safely and affordably.

Moving a piano in Greater Philadelphia area requires flawless moving logistics

Ok, the focus of our story will be on your piano. But before we can move one, we must secure the parameter and make sure all other moving stages are in order. Your piano is not the only item you have so let’s prepare everything. The first thing you must do is to inspect all furniture and belongings you want to pack. Once you do so, put everything on your moving checklist. Your list should include the following items as well:

  • Moving budget
  • Legalities
  • Moving services
  • Packing logistics
  • Errands and moving-related responsibilities you must cover
create a plan for moving a piano in Greater Philadelphia area
Create your moving checklist first and use it as a guide toward a successful relocation.

Add on your list whatever you think is relevant. This is your personalized moving guide and it will guide you through the process. Besides, your movers Bryn Mawr PA need most of the info from that list. So, make sure to inspect the environment, and your items, and prepare a moving checklist. Once you have it, consult with your movers and finalize the moving plan.

Find a reputable piano moving team

The next step is to find a reputable piano moving team. There are quite a few of those on the market. But in order to find a good one, you must cover extensive research. It does matter who will relocate your piano so you better find a good piano movers Philadelphia. Start your search on the internet and browse various sites, read reviews, compare prices, and compare services. Soon enough you’ll get to know the moving industry and slowly narrow down your choices. Once you do, implement your search criteria for the final push and you’ll find several viable moving teams.

Moving a piano in Greater Philadelphia area will be a hard task to cover. The longer the distance the higher the chance for moving mishaps. Not to mention that you need moving experience, expertise, the right techniques, and proper tools to do it. And we are sure you lack some of it unless you are mover yourself. But do not worry, if you find a reliable and experienced moving company, they will complete this task for you.

Do you have all the tools to perform safely?

Probably not. But you know who does? Yes, your movers Conshohocken PA should have all the tools and equipment to relocate your piano safely. Of course, if you find a reliable moving team that is. Although, when relocating a piano in Greater Philadelphia area, having all the tools is not the only criterion. Your mover must have an extensive moving history behind them. Also, they must possess all the licenses, and permits, and be accredited by FMCSA or the Better Business Bureau. Moreover, they must have all the safety protocols and regulations in place.

mover transporting boxes
Your movers have all the tools and equipment required to relocate all your belongings. Even a piano.

To be sure your movers are up to the task, you can read online about them or check social media groups. It is a great way to confirm the legitimacy of the company you are about to hire. Once you find them and confirm they are a legit choice, give them a call to communicate the details further. Ask them about everything we have mentioned above and ensure your investment is safe.

Inspect your piano in advance

Now when you have prepared your moving plan and found movers, you should prepare your piano as well. It is a long journey ahead and you want to make sure your piano is safe and nicely tucked in. So, as a piano owner, you should know how to maintain one. If you do not, call a piano maintenance service and let them inspect the piano for you. But the most important thing you should do is to secure the lid. Close it down and use the latch on it to keep it tightly closed and in one place. You do not want it to open during transport and expose the keys to the harsh moving environment.

Black concert piano
Protect your keys and strings with proper cover before moving a piano in Greater Philadelphia area.

The next step is to clean it a bit if you do not want to bring dust into your new home. But this step is optional because you can also do it once you settle in. Lastly, use blankets, bubble wrap, or a tarp to wrap your piano. It will protect it against bumps and other sorts of damage. Preferably use softer materials that won’t damage the furnishing. Also, keep in mind you can entirely skip this process if you purchase the packing service from your movers. Let them wrap and prepare the piano adequately.

Prepare budget and obtain insurance for relocating a piano in Greater Philadelphia area

Depending on the distance your movers are covering and the size of your piano, your relocation can be quite expensive. For some people, it can be more than their moving budget can handle. Therefore, you must prepare your budget in advance to be sure your piano is properly covered with all the tools and moving services involved. Also, you should purchase moving insurance. This is a solid investment, especially when moving smoothing precious and expensive such as the piano. So, ask your movers if they sell one or purchase insurance from a real insurance company.

It is time to load your piano into the moving truck

As you may know, packing a moving truck is something you can do yourself or let your movers do it. But loading a piano into the moving truck is something you can’t do by yourself. Simply because it is a 4 man’s job and even if you participate, you need at least 3 movers with you. So, do not attempt anything silly and let your movers cover this part of the relocation.

Now you are ready for moving a piano in Greater Philadelphia area. It is a complicated and risky process if you do it alone. Luckily, there are professional moving companies that will cover this task for you. Even if it means that you’ll purchase only a piano moving service. It is worth investing in so think twice before you make any decisions. From our experience, this is the only way to relocate a piano without damage. Good luck!

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