Most Affordable PA places to Consider Moving in 2022

View of one of the PA places to consider moving to in 2022
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It is not easy to choose the place where you will move. There are several important factors to consider when choosing a place to start a new life in Pennsylvania. Depending on your needs, these factors are different. However, what is important to almost everyone is which are the affordable places to live. Below you will find our selection of the most affordable PA places to consider moving to in 2022. It is up to you to read and decide which of these places meets all the other conditions you need to live. And then get in touch with The Gentleman Mover Philadelphia to arrange your move.

Park with a bridge
There are many affordable PA places to consider moving to in 2022, it’s up to you to choose the one that suits you best.

Pennsylvania is a great choice to move to in 2022

There is probably no need to further explain why moving to Pennsylvania is a great idea. But we will point out a few important facts that will make you call long distance movers PA and plan your move today. Pennsylvania is rich in history, but it also offers many opportunities for a great future. Beautiful landscapes through all four seasons, professional sports, rich art and culture, and diverse cuisine are things that their residents enjoy. And all at affordable prices. So it is clear that PA places are at the top of your list to consider moving to in 2022.

If you are moving your business Pennsylvania should be your choice

In addition, Pennsylvania is a country where business is simply booming. Whether you are considering starting your own small business or want to relocate your business, Pennsylvania is a really good choice. What’s more, you can call commercial movers in PA to relocate you today, as startups and businesses thrive very quickly. It has been a technological hub for some time and can boast of outstanding achievements when it comes to robotics and technology.

Pennsylvania is one of the most affordable states to live in in the United States

Living in PA offers many benefits. One of them is a very affordable lifestyle. In addition to being able to choose whether to live in rural areas or cities, you will also enjoy decent living prices. According to some research, life in Pennsylvania is more affordable than in most states in the USA. Among other things, the average value of houses is $ 234,800 in PA, while the national average is $ 291,700. This is certainly a significant difference when it comes to buying a home. Most things are a percentage cheaper than the national average. For example, the price of housing is as much as 25% lower than the national average. With all that, it is clear that it is very convenient to move here. Even if you need affordable storage services, you will probably find them here much more than anywhere else.

View of the farm.
There are many beautiful rural areas where you can relax if you move here.

Here are the most affordable PA places to consider moving to in 2022


The most affordable city to live in PA is the City of Pottsville with a median household income of $ 42,083. It is located in eastern Pennsylvania and has about 13,000 inhabitants. Downtown there are many attractions such as museums, restaurants, cafes, and shops. But the most important thing is that it is surrounded by nature, which offers a multitude of places for rest and activities outside. The average value of a house here is around $ 81k. The ratio of income and the price of the house here is 1.7%.


The second place on the list of the most accessible cities belongs to Reading. This city is the fifth-largest city in Pennsylvania and the median household income is about $ 32,176. The most famous thing about Reading is The Reading Pagoda. Which offers a beautiful panoramic view of the entire city. There are also the famous Reading Railroad Heritage Museum where you can learn about the history of the city, and the Northern Forest with many hiking trails to escape from city life. Just to wish to hire packing services right away and move as soon as possible. The ratio of income and the price of the house here is 2.27%.

Johnstown is one of the unusual PA places to consider moving to in 2022

In third place is Jonhsoun as an unusual city, with an average household income of $ 24,561. What sets this city apart is the unusual attractions such as the Johnstown Flood Museum, the Stackhouse Park, the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art, and the Peoples Natural Gas Park. They are popular equally with locals and tourists. In addition, you can enjoy delicious cuisine here at popular local restaurants. The ratio of income and the price of the house here is 1.55%.


If you love charming little towns, consider Sharon. With the median income of the household at $32.470, it is in the fourth place of affordable PA cities that you should consider moving to in 2022. It is best known for the world’s largest shoe store and the world’s largest candy store that is located here. The most popular entertainment is in its shops, restaurants, and art galleries. The ratio of income and the price of the house here is 2.01%.


Lancaster has become popular because of the many unusual and cool shopping opportunities, but also because of the many interesting galleries and artistic performances, as well as live performances. In addition, here is the oldest market that sells original Amish farm products and goods since 1889. It is an ideal place for young families with children because of the good schools that offer excellent education. If this is what you are looking for from a city, you can contact local movers today to relocate you. In addition, the median price of a house is $ 107,900, while the average household income is $ 33,772. The ratio of income and the price of the house here is 2.52%.

Man goes hiking in nature.
If you are a fan of outdoor activities, such as hiking, you will enjoy the opportunities that moving to PA offers.

Some more PA places to consider moving to in 2022In addition to these, there are many more affordable cities to live in PA. If you are moving in 2022, you can also consider some of these wonderful places, such as:

  1. McKeesport
  2. Erie
  3. New Castle
  4. York
  5. Altoona

And in the end, it remains for you to choose one of the PA places to consider moving to in 2022

No matter what your interests, Pennsylvania has something to offer for everyone. If you love beautiful nature and activities such as outdoor hiking, adventure sports, arts, or history, this is the place for you. Now all you have to do is choose one city from this list of the most affordable PA places to consider moving to in 2022. After that, call your chosen residential movers and the adventure can begin. Happy moving.


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