How To Tell If a Moving Company Is Legitimate

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Moving was always complicated and costly. But even if you have a proper budget and organize adequately, you still need help from professional Philly movers. And no doubt that you’ll create a good packing plan and prepare for the moving date. But what about the moving company? Most people who relocate for the first time do not know how to tell If a moving company is legitimate. Or how to find a good moving company in the first place. So, let us today cover these steps and make sure you hire a legit moving company. Let’s dive right in.

Search for movers first

Before you can examine a moving company, you must find it first. Yes, it might sound easy at first, but once you go online and figure out that the choices are endless, you’ll change your mind. The more local companies you have to choose from, the better. But this means you must inspect them inside out because most companies offer the same services and hold similar prices. You can easily miss it and hire a fraudulent moving company. So, firstly figure out the search criteria. If you want to hire furniture movers Philadelphia, with specific services and a price limit, so be it. Add to your search engine whatever you think is necessary and browse the results.

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Search for movers online and find at least five companies. Once you are ready, start calling one by one.

If you want to purchase special services like storage facility rental or packing service Philadelphia you must find moving companies with those services. If your company does not have what you seek, skip it and do not waste time on it. Trust us; there are hundreds of companies that will provide the exact service you want. You just need to find them first.

You can tell If a moving company is legitimate if they have permits and insurance

Now, it would be the smart thing to make a list of companies you like. Then, you can start inspecting them one by one. We are sure that the list will get shorter, and you’ll narrow down the candidates. And there are several important mandatory requirements that will tell If a moving company is legitimate or not. The first one is the moving license. Your local movers Philadelphia must have permits to work in the moving industry.

If you can’t confirm movers have permits, simply move to another company. The best way to confirm they are licensed is to check the Better Business Bureau or the FMCSA. It is the best source for all moving-related information. And to be honest, all legit moving companies are accredited by those two major players. Moreover, the second thing you should figure out is if your movers are insured. This is something that does not have to be written anywhere on their website. But it is something they must tell you once you ask them. So, keep the insurance-related topic open until you call your movers, and it should be the first question to ask them.

Another way to tell If a moving company is legitimate is if they do not have any bad rep

This is something you must research on the side. Obviously, movers won’t keep negative reviews and comments unless they are forced to. But they can’t erase what is already documented on FMCSA. So, ask your movers for the U.S. DOT number and go on FMCSA and search for your movers with it. Then, move on to the complaint history and figure out if they have any bad reputation. Furthermore, there you can read all about your mover’s work history and obtain the real picture.

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Ask around, and you’ll surely find a reputable moving company.

On the other hand, you might need previous customers’ insight in order to choose your moving team. Some people are more comfortable if they have references or word of mouth from a person they can trust. So, you can ask your friends and family to recommend a good moving crew. Or check social media groups and ask people about specific companies and even more specific situations. If you find someone who has recently purchased moving services from a company you are about to hire, it will be more than enough. Confirming movers are legit is one thing but knowing how they treat customers, in reality, is priceless.

Focus on moving reviews

Probably the first thing to do on moving websites is to check if they have all the moving services you need. But the very second thing is to jump into the moving review section and read a bit about your company. Apart from the introduction and moving guides, you’ll also find helpful moving reviews from previous users. But take everything you read there with a grain of salt because you can never know if comments are real or fake. So, the tactic with social media groups is probably the best when it comes to moving reviews and recommendations.

The moving service they offer can tell you a lot

Another way to tell If a moving company is legitimate is simply by browsing their offers. If your movers have all moving services on the market, it probably means they are experienced, knowledgeable, and professional. The longevity of their business is something you can also double-check on one of the official websites and external sources. Some movers claim they have been on the market for decades, but in reality, they registered their firm only a year ago or so. Obviously, fewer people want to work with inexperienced movers. Especially if they hold a moving price on the same level as companies that have been in business for more than two decades. But in the end, talk to your movers and figure out what their business model is and what they offer. If they are honest and transparent, you can give them a chance.

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All reputable moving companies offer at least the basic set of moving services.

A professional and reputable moving team is what you need

In the end, all you need is a company with all the tools, equipment, enough experienced workers, and proper vehicles. Also, prices may vary, but this also depends on your budget and your requirements. Keep an eye on the payment method as well. Movers do not take cash and almost always receive payments via credit card. Usually, a half upfront and the rest upon delivery. But in most cases, if you confirm your movers are a real deal, you’ll pay for the service right away and hope for the best. Being sure that your movers are legit, transparent, and honest is important as well. Hence, communicate with movers as much as you can and settle with those you can trust the most. Having doubts will only stress you out and make the entire process miserable.

Now you know how to tell If a moving company is legitimate or not. Make a list of your preset requisites, search online, and play a detective for a while, and you’ll end up with a reputable moving team. No doubt about it. Good luck.

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