How to survive interstate relocation with toddlers?

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Moving was always quite an adventure. It can be enjoyable yet complicated and hard. Yes, no one likes to pack, spend money on moving, and go into the unknown. And this time, you are moving from NJ to PA, and as you may already know, you must cover all required moving steps on time. Moreover, you are moving with toddlers which makes this relocation ten times harder. So, today we will try to help you survive interstate relocation with toddlers. Do not worry; it is doable if you create a good plan and stick to it. Hence, let’s dive right in and create one.

Let’s create a plan on how to survive interstate relocation with toddlers

You will survive interstate relocation with toddlers only if you have a carefully assembled moving plan. So, the moment you realize you are moving, start creating one. Sit down with your spouse and the rest of the family and work on moving logistics. Talk about the moving date, budget, and how to prepare for your new environment. Also, cover the packing materials, and figure out who will search for furniture movers Philadelphia. Then, spread tasks evenly and start inspecting your home. Note down all furniture you possess and create an inventory list. And you’ll need a moving checklist with all moving-related tasks on it. It should contain the following:

  • Info about the moving company.
  • Moving services.
  • Budget.
  • Legalities.
  • Packing process.
  • All moving-related chores, errands, and tasks.
two people preparing for moving
Create a moving checklist with all tasks you must complete before your movers arrive.

These are the main requirements. But you must include the search for a good moving and storage Philadelphia company as well. It may take some time, but within a day or two, you’ll have all the requirements ready as long as you work as a team. In case you are doing this alone, start searching for movers right away. They will help you prepare for moving, that’s for sure.

Pack as a family

Now, it is important for each member of the family to help out as much as they can. If you want to survive interstate relocation with toddlers, you must work as a team. Yes, you will easily explain everything to your older members of the family. But what about the kids? Toddlers can’t understand what is going on, so you must create a safe environment for them. If you have bigger kids as well, try to explain what is currently going on. Spin this story around and highlight only the positive sides of this change. Simply tell them that the change of environment will do good for the entire family. And once you explain everything and everyone is updated properly, you should start packing.

How to pack correctly?

Packing was always the hardest part. You must purchase all the materials, cover all rooms, and pack safely. Yes, fragile, unique, and expensive items might be a problem. But we have a solution for them as well. Begin with the packing materials. Purchase everything from your movers, order online, or visit a local home dept and obtain everything there. Whatever you choose, the result should be the same. You should end up with enough cardboard boxes, adhesive tape, packing paper, blister packs, and labels. The appropriate amount of carton boxes you’ll need is determined by the number of items you are packing. So, for this part, consult with your movers, and they will tell you how much you should purchase.

a woman packing for moving
Make sure you have all the required packing materials to pack safely and comfortably.

Once you have it all, start with the kitchen and a garage. Those rooms are always the most complicated because of the number of items they hold. Moreover, you’ll find the most fragile and oddly shaped items there. So, we advise covering the garage and kitchen first. Then, move on to the other areas of your home and take them off the list one by one. And remember, if you have specific items like a piano, you must enlist piano movers Philadelphia. The same goes for all unique and specific items. There are designated teams for such situations, so try to communicate with your movers about it, and they will find the best solution quickly.

Take your children on an adventure

At some point, you must visit your new place and create a moving-in plan. That might be harder than you think. Especially if you have limited time and a couple of toddlers on your hands. So, the ultimate solution is to bundle up and take your family and kids on an adventure. Visit your new neighborhood together and have a ton of fun. Visit the park and playground, and have lunch at the local restaurant. Spend an afternoon together having a picnic, BBQ, or whatever you like. And at some point, visit your new home. Your kids and other members of the family will love to check it out. And while doing that, take an hour or so to measure everything and figure out where to place your furniture.

It would be nice if you could dedicate an entire day to this task. But if you do not have time, this is the best solution. And you’ll have fun while doing it. Once you have all the details, call one of the long distance moving companies Philadelphia and tell them all about it. They will use this info to create a moving-in plan and create a safe moving environment.

Moving professionals will help you survive interstate relocation with toddlers

You are trusting your movers to assist and relocate you safely. But how to be sure that the moving company you have hired is the right choice? But of course, by confirming their legitimacy. You will never hire a company before confirming they have the basic requirements. A reliable moving company should have a good reputation, competitive prices, and all required moving services Philadelphia area. Also, they should have licenses and permits and follow safety regulations and standards. So, before hiring any company, read reviews, compare services, and compare prices. Check out social media groups as well, and within an hour, you will find the best moving company for you. Invest in this part because it is the most important one. The path to success lies in a reliable moving team. Find one as soon as you can.

movers will help you survive interstate relocation with toddlers
If you have a reliable moving company, you won’t have to worry about a thing. Your relocation will be safe.

Safety should be your utmost priority

One last thing. While covering all moving-related tasks, you must be sure everything is safe and sound. Especially because you have kids involved. So, to solve this problem, you can either take your kids to a friend, relative, or neighbor. Maybe it is better if they are away from the hectic moving environment. It should take only a couple of hours to load the moving truck, and it would be best if your kids are away from such a commotion. Although, this is not the only problem. You must make sure your items are safe as well. One way is to pack safely by using the correct packing materials. And another is to purchase moving insurance for an extra layer of protection. Ask your movers about it or purchase insurance from an insurance company. Obtain your insurance and be on the safe side.

Now you know how to survive interstate relocation with toddlers. Simply by having control over the packing and moving timeline and keeping all tasks in check, you will have less stress and headaches. Follow our guide, and you, your items, and your family will be safe before and after the relocation. Good luck.

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