How to store jewelry in a Philly storage unit

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Preparing your items for either short or long-term storage is another one of daunting moving tasks. Nevertheless, it’s all smiles once you know it’s for the greater good, and with all the benefits that the relocation will bring into your life once you settle. Therefore, make sure to do all the tasks properly and you’ll reap the benefits of your move in no time. As we said, one such task is storing your items. Since some items, due to their nature, are more difficult to store than others, they require special care in the process. Jewelry is definitely among those items, and in order to preserve it properly, you would need to learn the best ways to store it. That’s why our team has decided to show you how to store jewelry in a Philly storage unit, so without further ado, let’s jump into today’s article!

How to store jewelry in a Philly storage unit? Firstly, make sure it’s prepared for storage

While it’s very important to find one of the reliable full service moving companies in Philadelphia area to help you deal with the relocation and provide you with a proper storage unit, it’s also important not to skip any steps. Storing items seems easy at first. A lot of people will simply pack and put their items in a storage facility. But, it’s not simple as that. Well, at least not if you want to protect your items, especially the valuable ones like jewelry from potential damage.

Purple rings on a white surface and a purple flower in the background
If you want your valuable pieces of jewelry to be protected once they’re stored, then make sure to prepare them properly.

Cleaning your jewelry is a must before putting it in a storage unit

Since your jewelry will be on its own in a storage unit for some time, you need to make sure that it’s in a condition where it won’t get damaged over time. So, cleaning really is a must. We know that you may not be eager to clean in the middle of the whole packing process. But this is very important for its safety. In the end, many jewelry stores out there are offering cleaning services so you rely on them to help you. Whichever option you go for, now that any dust, moisture, and a variety of other substances could harm your jewelry in a storage unit. And, it could happen sooner than you think, in some cases in less than a week or two. Therefore, make sure that your jewelry is clean and dry before packing it for storage.


You should also store your jewelry before professional packers from Philly come to pack it and transport it to a storage unit. Even if you do this on your own, sorting will help you out a lot. Its benefits are plenty. First of all, it will help you stay organized and find your items easier later on. But, most importantly, it will keep them safe. Jewelry pieces should be sorted by metal because when two or more metals are put together for a long time, it could lead to damage and loss in quality. Therefore, separate your fine pieces of jewelry, silver pieces, and costume pieces. And also, it would be good if you separated it by type (necklaces, earrings, etc.)

A woman with an earring thinking how to store jewelry in a Philly storage unit.
If you’re wondering how to store jewelry in a Philly storage unit, one of the things you’d need to do is to sort it by metal and type.

How to find the right storage facility for your jewelry in Philly?

Now you know how to prepare your jewelry for storage. But where should you store it? Pieces of jewelry are not ordinary items you can put in storage without a plan. These items are highly sensitive, and most of all, valuable. And we’re not just talking about the monetary value. We’re sure that you have a lot of pieces of jewelry that hold great sentimental value. While we’re you’re busy finding high-quality Philly moving services since your move is probably around the corner, it’s important to keep storage facilities in mind for the safety of your items. Luckily, there’s a high likelihood that once you find a moving and storage company that’s offering quality moving services, their storage facilities will be top-notch as well.

Jewelry is typically sensitive to outside factors, so a climate-controlled unit is a way to go

Conditions in a place where jewelry is being held play an important role in its preservation. As you know, Pennsylvania can get really humid, especially during the summer. Sure, it’s not as humid as in some states like Florida, but it’s humid enough to potentially damage your jewelry. If the storage unit in Philly doesn’t regulate the temperature and conditions of the facility overall, it could severely damage your pieces. Therefore, know that many local movers in Philadelphia, besides the ability to help you move safely and swiftly, are also offering top climate-controlled storage units where your jewelry will be safe for no matter how long.

Storage unit hallway
Your jewelry will be safe from Pennsylvania’s seasonal humidity if you put it in a climate-controlled storage facility.

Don’t forget to purchase insurance

You’re almost there. The last thing you should consider before finally putting your pieces of jewelry in storage is purchasing insurance. We highly recommend this. Even when you find the best moving and storage company out there, something unforeseen can always happen. And you need to be covered in this scenario. Jewelry insurance policies usually cover theft, loss, or certain damages. This won’t be anything too expensive, so we really think you should go for it. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry. However, bear in mind that jewelry insurance policies usually don’t cover things like:

  • Wear and tear
  • Pre-existing damages
  • Intentional damages
  • Pest damages

Don’t skip steps and ensure the safety of your jewelry

We know that you may be tempted to skip a few steps here, especially those like cleaning your jewelry, bothering with purchasing insurance, etc. But, it is really highly recommended that you follow all these steps. If you do, your jewelry will be safe. In the end, that’s the most important thing. Now you know how to store jewelry in a Philly storage unit, so avoid any unnecessary risks and find a company that offers climate-controlled and properly secured storage facilities. Once you do, you will have nothing to worry about.

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