How to spend your first Christmas in Philadelphia

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Moving during the winter has advantages. You will start your new life just at the beginning of the new year. Hiring movers will be probably cheaper compared to the top summer season. But it also carries some downs to it. And it can be that you just don’t know how to spend your first Christmas in Philadelphia. If this is the case for you, we are here to help you with some ideas. But the first thing you should do is to find one of the best movers Philadelphia PA based to help you relocate all your belongings.

Do you really need to hire a moving company?

Actually, if you have time and skills, you don’t need to hire movers. You can do it all by yourself. But this is not a reality for so many people. It is most probable that you will have to juggle your job and family life while you organize your move. And that is a lot, even if you are not moving very far from where you live now. Hiring experienced residential movers Philadelphia area will bring ease into your moving experience. And this is something you will appreciate for sure.

Hiring experienced movers will make it all easier for you.

Moving is such a unique event. And even if you plan it all perfectly, anything can happen on a moving day. So having trustworthy professionals on your side is a great thing to have. If you are afraid that this can be expensive, have in mind that there are so many different moving services Philadelphia area based. And you are the one to choose from which ones meet your needs.

We have some ideas on how to spend your first Christmas in Philadelphia

We get that it can be overwhelming if you have to plan your move just before the holiday period. So you probably don’t have time to research all options on how to spend your first Christmas in Philadelphia. But don’t worry, we got you covered with some ideas. First, we have to inform you that Philadelphia offers many great options to celebrate the holiday. Many people make an annual tradition to go to the city to celebrate it. That’s why many long distance moving companies Philadelphia based are busy even in December. Everything that we mentioned below is really close to each other. That will make it easy for you to visit it all.

We have some ideas on how to spend your first Christmas in Philadelphia
There are a lot of ways to spend your first Christmas in Philadelphia.

Visit Wanamaker’s Building to see Macy’s Christmas Light Show

First of all, you should know that you are in for a historical treat because Wanamaker Building is just like that. It actually was the very first department store in Phili. The store we know these days was dedicated in 1911 by President Taft. Fans who love the movie Mannequin already know this store and its famous Eagle statue.

The show last for 15 minutes and it features classic Christmas songs and scenes that include Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer as well as Frosty the Snowman. Even historic organs will play at some shows. If you want to see the show, secure your spot early enough. You can find places on the ground floor, but some people prefer to stand at the 2nd or 3rd store and watch from there. The light show is held all the way from Black Friday to New Years’ Eve every two hours, starting from 10 am up to 6 pm from Friday to Sunday and also from 4 pm to 6 pm on other work days.

Dicken’s Village

Center City Philadelphia offers an experience that will make the best holiday memories for kids but also to adults. Older residents remember as one of the best memories walking through “A Christman Carol” in The Strawbridge’s & Clothier. This place is now closed for many years, but luckily Macy’s moved the Dickens Village to the current location back in 2006. Entering the village, you’ll be transported to Victorian London with complete cobblestone streets. The whole story A Christmas Carol is actually portrayed in 26 animated scenes. After the walk, kids can get a photograph of Santa Claus.

Holiday Market

Is there a person who doesn’t love to buy little gifts for loved ones? We highly doubt it. That’s why visiting an open-air market called “Made in Philadelphia” is just the place for you.  Local crafters offer their art as well as specialty food. This place is open during the weekend before Thanksgiving and it lasts through New Year’s Day.

At Holiday Market you’ll be able to find all kinds of gifts as well as delicious food.

Ice skating is a thing

Sliding on the ice is just the perfect way to feel the Christma’s atmosphere. If you like it, you should know that the ice rink opens even at the beginning of November. It runs even till the end of February. So after shopping, you can relax skating and finish your night with a cup of warm cocoa. Wintergarden Park is just the place to sit, relax and enjoy the community.

Christmas Village

For more than 10 years, JFK Plaza is referred to as “Love Park”. This is due to a famous statue that was transformed into a traditional German Christmas Market. More than 80 vendors sell food and you will find Christmas décor, as well as other crafts from all over the world.

Do you now have ideas on how to spend your first Christmas in Philadelphia?

We tried to help you by giving you some ideas on how to spend your first Christmas in Philadelphia. So you shouldn’t be as worried about if you will know how to get in holiday joy in a new place. These are just some ideas to give you a push, and we are sure that you will find things that make your heart dance and that you will enjoy your new hometown. Since this is the most magical time of the year, you will even be able to meet some new friends and get into the holiday spirit with your new community. It will be wonderful!

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