How to prepare your piano for the move

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Are you planning to move your piano soon but don’t know where to begin? Well, if that is the case, then this is just the article for you. We are here today to help you out with your piano moving task. With this article, you will learn how to prepare your piano for the move. And how moving companies Philadelphia PA can help you out. Once you read this, you will know what to pay attention to when moving it. Here are some of the things you need to know.

Get some proper tools if you want to prepare your piano for the move properly

This is very important and you need to do it before you begin the packing process. We all know that pianos can come in all shapes and sizes. That is why you need to have some tools that can help you pack it for the move. Sometimes, there are some parts of pianos that you can dismantle if you want to properly pack them for the move. And there are some specific tools you should use:

  • Make sure to have some screwdrivers that are rubber coated. That way you can lose some screws and not damage the wood
  • You should get some wrapping materials
  • Having strong ropes is very important
a screwdriver you will use to prepare your piano for the move
If you want to prepare your piano for the move properly then you need to get some proper tools first

Once you dismantle some parts of the piano, you will be able to pack it for the move properly. Not only that, but it will be easier to do it for sure. But if you are not certain about your packing skills, then you should always consider getting a packing service Philadelphia. Only then you will know that your piano and other items are properly packed for the move.

Have someone help you out

This is not a task you should try to do alone. It is something that can be really dangerous if you don’t have anyone helping you out. That is why it is important to ask your friends if they can help you out with your piano moving. For starters, they will help you by making sure the piano doesn’t slip away while you are moving it to the moving truck. It is the safest and quickest way to do it.

Also, while your friends are there, make sure to ask them to help you pack the piano properly.  Sure, you can try to do it by yourself, but it will only take a lot of time. That is why the best thing you can do in this situation is to have an extra pair of hands helping you out. For instance, they can help you put a big blanket around the piano, and then use string rope to tighten it up. That way your piano will remain protected during the move. And if you are still having trouble, then consult with the piano movers Philadelphia. They are very skilled and know what to do when moving a piano.

image of a piano
Pianos are big and heavy. Make sure to call someone to help you out when moving them

Try to rent a van or a truck

Once you take some measures of your piano, you will use that to rent a van or a moving truck. Based on those measures, you will learn about a properly sized vehicle. Remember, when you are loading your piano in the van, make sure that it remains in the upright position. Any other way will lead to damages. While your friends are there, you should ask them to help you out by moving that piano to the ramp.

When loaded in the van, make sure that you pack it first and keep it at the beginning of the van, behind the driver. It is a center point of gravity and it will keep your vehicle stable during the move. This is something you need to remember if you want to move everything safely and without any damage. While you are thinking about that, you can think about what kind of moving services Philadelphia area movers can provide you with. Remember, it is always for the best to move with the help of professionals.

Always use adequate tools when moving your piano

It is important to note that moving a piano can be really tough and difficult. Not to mention that it requires a lot of strength and patience. In this case, you can’t just use your bare hands and strength alone. There are some dollies used to transport pianos short distances. You can use it to move it to the moving truck. Also, if you get proper straps for carrying heavy items, you, along with your friends, could have an easier time transporting them to the van or a truck. Make sure to let the piano rest after the move. It is one good way to maintain piano in good condition. It will last longer this way.

a moving van
Make sure to rent a proper-sized van

It is the same with the furniture as well. It is important to know that moving heavy furniture is dangerous. So, it is for the best if you call furniture movers Philadelphia to help you out. Their expertise is more than enough to move your furniture safely.

Tips to prepare your piano for the move delivered

These are some of the best ways you can prepare your piano for the move properly. And we are certain that this guide provided you with all the information you will need about your piano move. If you are looking for more interesting tips and tricks, then you can read our blog. Or you can contact our local movers Philadelphia to help you out with your move. Give us a call and receive your free moving estimate right away.


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