How to Pack & Move Your Large Furniture in Philly?

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One of the hardest parts of the relocation process is packing. Of course, there are easier relocations with a few items only. But what makes it so hard is all the heavy furniture people possess. Those are hard to handle, dangerous, and sometimes fragile. So, to do this one right, you must prepare your furniture and find a reliable company that deals with moving and storage Philadelphia has to offer to help you relocate them safely. Today, we will help you do just that. Let’s pack & move your large furniture in Philly together.

Organize your relocation first

Before you can pack & move your large furniture in Philly, you must cover all other aspects of your relocation project. As you may know, one must create a moving checklist with all moving-related tasks. Start by inspecting your home and note down all the belongings you must pack and relocate. While doing that, pay close attention to the large and heavy furniture you have. Your movers Villanova need this info so they can bring the proper vehicle, enough manpower, and adequate tools. Once you inspect everything, note it down on your list and use it as a guide moving forward. As for other moving-related topics, consider the following:

  • Moving budget.
  • Legalities.
  • Moving services.
  • Packing plan.
  • Errands, chores, and other moving-related responsibilities.
couple creating a moving inventory list
Inspect all your furniture and belongings and list them all down on your moving checklist.

Add to your list whatever you like. Just make sure to have one. It is a good way to organize before you even contact your movers. Moreover, make sure to inspect the environment as well. Remove any obstacles you might have so your movers have lower chances of breaking something or damaging your property.

Who will relocate your large furniture?

Now, the big question is – who will relocate your furniture? Obviously, you will hire reliable and professional furniture movers Philadelphia. But you must know it is not so easy to find them. The goal is to find reputable movers with all the tools, licenses, and affordable prices. But with proper research online, you can surely do it. All you need is a bit of time and patience. Begin by browsing various moving-related websites. Read blog posts, and social media groups, and compare prices, services, and reviews. After you implement your search criteria and learn more about the moving industry, you’ll be ready to choose a company.

Once you find a couple of viable choices, start calling them one by one. Ask away and obtain all the answers you seek. Communicate about their moving experience, moving services, prices, and whatever you think is relevant. And do not forget to negotiate. Movers offer discounts most of the time. Especially if you are ready to spend a lot on your relocation. Hence, do your research and find movers to help you pack and move your large furniture in Philly.

Prepare to pack & move your large furniture in Philly

You can prepare your furniture in two ways. One is to do everything by yourself and another to utilize moving services Philadelphia area. If you have no budget to spare for packing or disassembling services, then you’ll have to do it by yourself. On the other hand, if you can invest more, then you’ll have it ten times easier. Movers offer great services when it comes to relocating large and heavy furniture. They can inspect, disassemble, wrap up, protect, relocate, and assemble everything. Amazing services are out there only if you need them. Although, whatever you choose, a few steps must be done. As we have mentioned before, you will inspect all your furniture first. Once you do, you will know which pieces need special attention.

couple learning you need to inspect before you pack & move your large furniture in Philly
Clean, inspect, and prepare your furniture before packing it.

The heavy furniture you possess still must be protected adequately. This means you must visit your local home depot or a hardware store and purchase necessary packing materials. While you are at it, purchase everything you need to pack the entire home. You can order all packing supplies online or purchase them from your movers. Just make sure you have enough cardboard boxes, blister packs, labels, packing paper, and packing tape. Those are the mandatory ones that you can use to pack anything. But pay close attention to covers and bubble wrap. Such materials are great to cover furniture and keep it safe from any harm.

There are other solutions as well

For people who have no time, or money, or lack space, there are other solutions. You can rent a storage unit from one of the local movers in greater Philadelphia area and stash everything there until you find out what to do with it. We are sure some pieces of furniture are old, unused, broken, or something else. Therefore, think about leaving your unused pieces behind or at least transporting them to a storage unit near your home. This solution is especially good if you are moving into a smaller apartment. Think about it.

Disassemble, pack & move your large furniture in Philly

When it comes to disassembling, it is a great way to make more space inside your moving vehicle. Also, your furniture will be easier to carry around and store inside your new home. Of course, you must assemble everything back together after you move in. But that is the price one must pay in this situation. So, decide on what you want to disassemble and before you do, figure out if it can be done in the first place. Some furniture is not meant to be disassembled. Those are antique furniture and furniture with wooden pins and screws. But whatever you do, be careful and use the proper tools to do it. We can recommend skipping power drills or similar tools and using only pliers, hammers, and a screwdriver.

person assembling a piece of furniture
Some furniture even have a manual how to assemble and disassemble it. Use it wisely.

There is always a chance for damage when packing & moving large furniture in Philly – get insurance

The nature of the moving business is such that no matter how well you protect your items, there is still a chance for moving mishaps. And if you can’t take that risk, you should seek out the moving insurance. You can purchase one from the moving company or from the insurance company. Figure out what is better for you but make sure you have one.

Now you are ready to pack & move your large furniture in Philly. More importantly, you know how to prepare for the journey ahead. And do not worry. As long as you find reliable moving professionals, your furniture will reach the other side intact. Good luck.

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