How to Pack Large Appliances for Moving in Philadelphia Area?

a room filled with large appliances that need to be packed for moving in Philadelphia area
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Moving to a different city or state can be exhausting and stressful.  Especially if you have to pack large appliances for moving in Philadelphia area. Let’s face it, decluttering your home and packing all the items for your relocation is going to take you the most time. That is why you should have patience with it and try to be thorough as possible. You should also look for reliable movers Philadelphia PA in your new area so they can organize and relocate your possessions to your new home. Your larger kitchen appliances and all the other items need to be checked and packed securely so they won’t damage during transportation. We’ll be discussing tips and tricks in this article that will help you pack all your large appliances.

What to do before you pack large appliances for moving in Philadelphia area

There are a couple of things that you should do before you start to pack your appliances. First of all, make sure to inspect all the large appliances carefully. Second, you should clear out the path from your kitchen to the moving truck so that furniture movers Philadelphia can easily bring the appliances into their moving truck. They will secure it, so it won’t move during the trip. Also, you want to ensure that you cover your floors with cardboard, to protect them from scratches.

Woman opening a fridge.
Empty your fridge before starting to pack large appliances for moving in Philadelphia area.

It is always a good idea to quickly inspect your appliances before you start packing them. That way you can see if they are functional for your new home or not. Consider checking the following things:

  • General condition before you pack large appliances for moving in Philadelphia area – Most of the kitchen appliances should work for around 10 years. If your appliance is in that range, you should definitely consider taking it with you.
  • Is the appliance going to fit into your new kitchen? – Check the measurements in your new home if the oven or refrigerator will fit in.
  • The new kitchen already has all the appliances – This can also happen that your new kitchen has all the appliances. You can sell your old appliances or give them away to your family members or friends.

The next thing you should do as soon as you made the inspection of your large kitchen appliances is to prepare them for the move. You have to gather the right packing supplies so you can protect them during the transportation. You can also hire movers Conshohocken PA and they will bring the right supplies. Keeping your large appliances undamaged is important. 

How to pack large appliances before moving in Philadelphia area

Securing your belongings is an important part of every relocation. That is why you have to gather the right amount of packing supplies to ensure that your items arrive safely at your new location. If your budget allows you, can also hire a packing service Philadelphia residents gladly recommend. That way, you can have more time to do other important things that are related to your relocation.

Woman preparing bubble bags.
Bubble bags will secure your refrigerator from damage during the transport.

Among the large appliances for moving in Philadelphia area that you need to pack are of course the refrigerator and oven. We are going to share some tips and tricks that will help you secure those large items in case you are doing the packing on your own. You should focus on the largest kitchen appliance, and that is the refrigerator. He is also of the heaviest, and some can weigh over 400 pounds. You have to be very careful and avoid any injuries. First, what you should do is to unplug it 48 hours before your move. Also, you want to empty it completely and clean it with a soft cloth. That way, you will remove moisture and preserve it for the road.

Next thing you should do is to remove all the compartments, racks and dividers. Pack them individually and label the box as fridge parts. That way, you will easily find it, as soon as you relocate to your new home and start unpacking. Now that the side parts are ready to go, you should pay attention to the fridge doors. Use some packing tape to seal the doors, so they won’t open during the move. As soon as the doors are secured, you should wrap the entire fridge in moving blankets to protect it from scratches. The best way to lift a refrigerator is to use a dolly, and you should get at least 3 helpers.

Tips for packing your oven

The oven is probably the second-biggest kitchen appliance that you will have to deal with. You always have the easier option to hire movers Bryn Mawr PA that can take care of your packing and transporting. If your budget allows you, you can afford yourself a bit of relaxation in the chaotic moving period.

People trying to pack large appliances for moving in Philadelphia area in a van
Check for reliable movers that will transport your large kitchen appliances.

In case you are on your own, you should start by disconnecting the cord. You also want to secure it with a tape, at the back of the stove. That way, the cord won’t be in the way when moving the oven to a truck. As the refrigerator, the oven also has removable parts, which you should pack separately. Put an extra layer of bubble bags for extra protection. You always want to look for reliable movers to help you with transportation. It is going to be much easier with a little professional help.

Check several movers for a quote and pick the ones that fit you the most. Even if you have a piano to transport to your new home, the piano movers Philadelphia will assist you with that as well. Their team is ready for any task you give them.

The bubble pack is also great for securing knobs and any parts of the oven that are sticking out and can get damaged. As soon as you’re done, use extra moving blankets to cover your oven completely. Since the ovens are much lighter than refrigerators, one person can help you lift it and put it on a dolly. You can then easily move it to the truck and load it. Packing large appliances for moving in Philadelphia area can be tricky, but it is manageable. Just be patient and thorough.

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