How to Organize Packing Process for a Bryn Mawr to Villanova Move?

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It is time for yet another relocation. And there is no relocating without the notoriously boring packing process. It is something that will induce stress and spend your hard-earned money and valuable time. So, you can let your moving companies Philadelphia area cover this task, or you can do it yourself. If you decide to tackle this process yourself, you must gather supplies and pack everything before your movers arrive. And you must pack everything in a way to be safe for your belongings, movers, and yourself. Therefore, today we will help you organize packing process for a Bryn Mawr to Villanova move. It can be much easier if you have a step-by-step plan in your hands. Let’s create one.

What is needed to organize packing process for a Bryn Mawr to Villanova move

To organize packing process for a Bryn Mawr to Villanova move, you will need a few mandatory things. Firstly, you must have all requirements and tasks listed on a paper. We call it a moving checklist that will serve as a personalized guide on this journey. It should contain the following:

  • Detailed home inspection.
  • The number and nature of the items you are packing.
  • The list of required packing materials.
  • The order of packing and the timeline.
  • Labeling system.
  • Information about movers and moving services.
  • All other moving-related responsibilities.
moving checklist will help you organize packing process for a Bryn Mawr to Villanova move
Create a moving and packing checklist. It will be much easier if you have a step-by-step guide with you.

At least half of the information listed is required by your movers Bryn Mawr PA. They must know what kind of environment they are facing along with the number of items they must relocate. With an emphasis on furniture, of course. So, you must inspect your home and figure out how much furniture you have. Pay special attention to the robust and extremely heavy pieces. Once you have this info, call your movers and move on to the next stage.

How to organize packing process for a Bryn Mawr to Villanova move?

The first thing is to decide on a moving date. This will tell you how many weeks you have ahead and how much time you can dedicate to the packing process. Obviously, you can’t spend all the time you have on packing only. There are many other moving-related tasks you must complete before the moving date. Therefore, figure this out and start gathering moving supplies straight away. As we have already said, you will inspect the environment first to be sure it is a safe place to conduct your relocation in. Check all the staircases, corridors, floors, walls, doors, etc. Be sure your items can get out of the home safely and without endangering anyone.

After you cover the furniture, start gathering fragile and valuable content. Those items should be packed in a higher-quality container. This way, you will lower the chances of moving mishaps. You can even relocate those items by using your personal vehicle. As for the rest of the items, everything should go into regular cardboard boxes. With the exception of clothing that can be packed in duffel bags, suitcases, garbage bags, and other similar solutions. If you need advice about how to pack specific items, search for a guide online or simply ask your movers Villanova. They had thousands of relocations in the past, and they surely have a few tips for you.

Packing materials that you must obtain

The list of packing materials required for each relocation can vary significantly. But we can’t lie to you; the list is always an extensive one. The most basic packing materials are cardboard boxes, adhesive tape, packing paper, labels, and blister packs. But depending on your situation and the items you possess, you might need a few materials of a higher quality as well. Those can be plastic bins, wooden crates, or metal containers. Some can be purchased from your movers by using moving services Philadelphia area. Or at the local hardware store or a Home Depot. Then, you can purchase corner pads, dividers, foam protectors, Styrofoam, packing peanuts, and much more. Check what is out there and make a healthy balance without hurting your moving budget.

packed carton boxes
Remember to reuse packing supplies you already have in your home.

You can always protect your artwork, antiques, and other valuables with better materials. For everything else, you can use the regular batch. And remember, you should always reuse old materials you might have at home. The garbage bags, suitcases, and other bags we have mentioned before will come quite in handy. So, create a list of packing materials and start shopping. The list will help you organize packing process for a Bryn Mawr to Villanova move, no doubt about it.

You will pack much easier if you declutter and downsize

We know that the next part can be time-consuming and boring. But it is extremely valuable if you pull through. If you get rid of the clutter before moving, you will have an easier time relocating in general. Firstly, you will have fewer items to load into the moving truck. Also, everything will be much faster when there are fewer items involved. And because movers are charging by the hour, you’ll save some money as well. Your relocation will be efficient, fast, and easy. Moreover, you can sell the items you do not need online, at the garage sale or yard sale.

So, while preparing for packing, set aside all broken, outdated, and unusable items. Those are usually broken furniture, old electronics, clothing, decorations, and random miscellaneous items. Gather everything and choose a method to get rid of them. You can donate to a local charity organization or to a church. Give excess items to friends and family or send them for recycling. Lastly, if you have no time for any of that, simply throw everything away. Whatever you do will benefit your relocation project.

It is time to pack everything

Now that you have gathered the packing supplies, it is time to pack safely. Firstly, figure out if you want to pack over the weekend or spread this task over the upcoming weeks. For some people, it is easier to meet up with family members and pack everything over the weekend. Others like it more if it’s done gradually and slowly, without any panic and stress. Once you figure this out, start packing accordingly. Cover the kitchen and the bathroom first. Those are the areas of your home with the largest number of small and oddly shaped items. Not to mention all the fragile ones as well. So, each room should have a flat surface to serve as a designated parking area. Start by taking a cardboard box and placing a cushion inside. This can be crumpled paper, blankets, or bubble wrap.

a woman labeling a cardboard box
Label all your moving content to have an easier time when you start unpacking.

The next step is to wrap items individually and place them inside the box. Add a buffer between items to strengthen the entire construction. And you will avoid items colliding with one another. Fill gaps with smaller items and more crumpled paper until your box is full. Use adhesive tape to close the box, and remember to add labels with a detailed description of what’s inside. This will help everyone involved. But mostly you. Once you start unpacking, you will know where your items are. Just repeat this process for each box, and you are good to go. As for bigger pieces and furniture, wrap them in bubble wrap, and it should be enough. Although, if you do not like the packing process and it seems complicated to you, call your movers and purchase a packing service Philadelphia. Movers can do everything instead of you.

Welcome to Villanova

Now that you are packed and ready, it is time to contact your furniture movers Philadelphia and hit the road. But before you do, are you sure you know everything about the place you are moving to? No worries, we will provide a few tasty details. One is that the Philadelphia suburb of Villanova is the most prestigious but, at the same time, most expensive place in the entire Philadelphia area. With median home prices over $1 million, you are bound to have a great income and a bit of saving too. We are sure you are ready for this because you wouldn’t be moving here in the first place if that is not the case. Now, with such a high cost, you will have access to the best public and private schools in the state.

The job market is stable and promising while the economy is booming and the community thriving. As a matter of fact, with over $200k median home income, Villanova is one of the highest income places in the entire US. The cost of living is following the same trend with 20% higher prices compared to the rest of the state. Although, if you do the math, you will realize that a 20% increase can’t be compared to an almost 100% salary increase for certain jobs. So, all you must do is delve into the job market and find the best one for you. The largest employer is Villanova University, followed by Deloitte Consulting and JP Morgan Chase.

Final Words

Organize packing process for a Bryn Mawr to Villanova move by following our guide and you won’t have to worry about a thing. The most important part is to use an adequate set of packing materials. The rest will come easily if you cover those two. Good luck.


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