How to find reliable long-distance movers in Philadelphia

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Are you interested in finding out how to find reliable long-distance movers in Philadelphia? If you are then you come to the right place. There are many ways to notice the best long distance moving companies Philadelphia has to offer. Starting from the prices, company services, offerings, and reviews, we will be there to help you learn which mover is the best choice for your upcoming move. The moving process in itself is stressful and hard. By finding the best moving company you will make the move so much easier!

Find a reputable moving company

It will be hard work to find reliable long-distance movers in Philadelphia. Most moving company criticisms don’t come from alleged lost or damaged belongings, but from demanding pay for unworked hours! Coming late to work and not honoring the agreed estimates also makes the list of things people complain about the most. Moving is stressful enough even without your stuff arriving broken, or being greeted with a jaw-dropping bill.

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Many moving companies take great pride in their work and have many trained and skilled employees.

In order to avoid the things we mentioned, you’ll want to pick the best out of the moving companies at your disposal. The best way to do it is to ask friends, family members, and coworkers if they can suggest a moving company. If you are in contact with any real estate agents, ask them for a referral as well. It’s best to choose from companies like The Gentleman Mover Philadelphia that are widely recommended and respected.

Dont choose only one!

In order to find reliable long-distance movers in Philadelphia you will need to contact more than one company! It’s best to contact at least three different ones. Make a call and arrange for them to come and give you an estimate. This way you can compare the prices and make sure that they are not ripping you off! At the same time, you can ask about their services and prices as well as company policies and documentation! There are some documents that every moving company must have in order to be legal. All residential movers Philadelphia area has are also required to have that paperwork as well.

Red flags

When the company workers show up to give you an estimate, keep an eye on their behavior. There are also different types of red flags. For example, most respected moving companies won’t ask for a money deposit prior to your move. If the mover insists to get the cash up front, it might not be an honest business. Likewise, during the estimate, watch closely how experienced or inexperienced the movers appear.

Man looking up online how to find reliable long-distance movers in Philadelphia
If you look up online reviews and comments on the moving company sites, you will find reliable long-distance movers in Philadelphia easily!

If they arrive late, seem uncertain of their abilities, or can’t reply to all of your questions, look for a different company. At the same time look into their services. The moving services Philadelphia area can provide are a nice addition that will make your move easier. But ask for specific detail before settling on the service.

Licenses and Insurence

If you’re looking to find reliable long-distance movers in Philadelphia, that means that you are maybe moving out of state. Before you do that make sure to verify the moving company’s license via the FMCSA’s site and ask for the company’s U.S. DOT number. You will need it if you have to file a suit against the business later. If you’re remaining in the state, contact your local consumer affairs agency and check on the company in question. You can find a checklist of local companies via the FMCSA’s contacts database.

Moving costs

Get several moving estimates, from various moving companies, and make sure to compare them. The estimate should be established on a real in-person assessment of your household items. We recommend getting at least three quotes from different moving companies.  Ask your moving company about any extra fees that may be involved in your case. The added costs can come out of anything! For example having to climb stairs or elevators, driving in a high-traffic zone, or on a street too slim for a moving truck to fit. Not all added prices are unreasonable! But must be discussed in advance. Moving from NJ to PA will require a lot of attention and many unexpected things can happen so be ready.

Man writing down all of the items while moving
Make sure everything that is being moved is written down in inventory.

Moving inventory

In order to find reliable long-distance movers in Philadelphia you will need to watch them work. And a good moving company will give all of their attention to your moving inventory. Especially if you choose some of their services like furniture movers Philadelphia. Like we already said a respectable moving company will carry out a detailed inventory of all your belongings. And the best way they can do this is in person!

That means they will be inspecting every room and all of your storage areas such as cabinets, drawers, garages, and so on. If you are also carrying any items from any outdoor areas, they must also be incorporated into the inventory. This is because the price of your move is heavily based on the weight of your items. And in some cases, it will also depend on the space your items will take up in the moving truck.

Never pay a large deposit

How will you know if you find reliable long-distance movers in Philadelphia? Well, usually respectable movers won’t require cash or a big deposit prior to moving. The one thing you should be required to do is pay only upon delivery. In some cases where people paid prior, they never saw their belongings again. Also paying with a credit card will help protect you from potential deceitful activity.

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