How to dispose of furniture when moving in Philadelphia?

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You almost certainly will want to replace any outdated furniture when moving from PJ to PA, whether it is with new pieces or fresh replacements. But you could be wondering what to do with the old furniture. Making a list of the furniture you want to get rid of before relocating will help you avoid wasting valuable space in the moving vehicle. Let’s now look at how to dispose of furniture when moving in Philadelphia. Some of these ideas might be rather obvious, but there are some truly useful solutions that you can use to assist others.

Make a profit by selling unwanted furniture

It makes perfect sense to try to sell your unwanted furniture before you move. After all, you probably paid a lot of money for those items in the first place, so it’s only reasonable that you try to recoup part of that money. As long as your furniture is in good shape, you have a few choices for trying to sell it before moving day. The moving cost will be based on the total shipment weight, so fewer items to move will automatically decrease the final price. You will have more money to spend on better moving service in Philly.

Organizing a sale is a one way to dispose of furniture when moving in Philadelphia
Organized sales are a great way to get rid of unwanted furniture and earn money for relocation along the way

Donate used furniture

It is often costly to dispose of furniture at a dump. So, if your furniture still has some life in it, your best choice is to donate it, but how do you get it to the donation center if you don’t have a truck? That’s where furniture movers come in. As long as you make prior preparations, the Philadelphia movers you hire will usually load up your unwanted furniture in the moving truck and transport it to the donation facility of your choice. To make the process easier, the undesirable furniture will be loaded last, in the back of the truck, where it will be easy to remove.

What if you don’t want to get rid of anything?

When it comes to important and costly goods, neither moving nor throwing them away are always a viable solution. In this situation, what should you do? Consider using self-storage if you haven’t already. There are moving and storage Philadelphia companies that provide these kinds of services. Sometimes storing your stuff in a secure and well-maintained storage container is the best alternative. You won’t have to pay for relocation, but your beloved grandfather’s favorite armchair will still be in your possession. It can be safely stored in this way (short or long term) until you determine what to do with it.

Eco-Friendly text made of ear buds
There are eco-friendly ways to dispose of furniture when moving in Philadelphia

Dispose of in an eco-friendly way

If none of the above choices work for you, your only option will be to dispose of furniture when moving in Philadelphia in an environmentally responsible manner. If you reside there, don’t just leave your used furniture on the side of the road. Avoid paying a fee for improper furniture disposal. Ask your neighbors or get in touch with the neighborhood waste management business if you’re unsure about what is and isn’t permitted. In either case, it’s a smart idea to first get in touch with your furniture movers in Philadelphia and inquire whether they provide a free furniture removal service.

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