Guide to Moving a Piano Long Distance

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Relocating home can be quite tricky if you have hard-to-handle items with you. Most people have at least one in their homes, and we are sure you have one too. Some of those items require special tactics, tools, and proper knowledge to be relocated safely. Therefore, today we will talk about how safely moving a piano long distance should look like. So, before you start packing and searching for piano movers Philadelphia, let us provide a few tips and tricks on how to prepare for this kind of relocation. Let’s take a look.

Create a safe plan for moving a piano long distance

Each relocation must have a safe moving plan behind it. This is something you must work on the way before you contact residential movers Philadelphia area. They must have all the basic info about your moving project so they can assemble a reliable moving plan. And especially when moving a piano long distance. So, the first thing to do is to inspect your furniture and belongings. Figure out how many things you must pack and how many packing materials are required. But pay special attention to the moving environment. Now when you must get a piano through your home and into the moving truck, there shouldn’t be any obstacles that might endanger this process.

two people creating a plan for moving a piano long distance
Realize how hard it will be and list down all moving steps on the moving checklist.

Once you have all the details and you have inspected your home, you should have a steady plan on paper. List all the details you have gathered on the moving checklist to have a better understanding of the steps you must take. And your movers will highly appreciate this gesture. After all, they will provide moving quotes and advice on moving services you should consider purchasing according to the parameters you provide to them. Hence, inspect everything, create a list, and call your movers when you are ready.

Moving a piano long distance is safer with professional movers

If you at any point had the idea of moving a piano by yourself, stop right there. This is no mere piece of furniture, and it requires proper tools, knowledge, expertise, and at least 4 people to do it. Although it might be done with two movers in we are talking about a smaller one rather than a concert piano. But one thing is certain. Pianos are expensive, fragile, and robust. Some are extremely heavy as well. So, when you combine them, you’ll end up with something that is almost impossible to relocate.

Luckily, movers have special techniques and a lot of experience in this field. Most reputable moving companies have dedicated moving teams for pianos only. And we can recommend such a company, so you do not have to waste your valuable time. Consider The Gentleman Mover Philadelphia, as they are one of the best in the area. Give them a call, provide all the details about your piano, and in a matter of seconds, you’ll end up with a moving quote and a safe plan to relocate it. Also, they have all the moving services one might need. Figure out the moving package you like and secure your investment.

What do you need to relocate a piano safely?

As we have said before, you should never attempt to move a piano by yourself. It is dangerous, and with one wrong move, you can either hurt yourself or break something on the piano. Usually, it is one of the legs, but it may topple over as well and break completely. So, this is usually done with several strong men who lift the piano and place it on a special 4-wheel dolly. It is practically designed for pianos, king-sized beds, home safes, and similar items that shouldn’t be disassembled and are extremely heavy and complicated to move. Not to mention that you’ll need to protect your piano beforehand by using bubble wrap, cardboard, corner pads, and more.

mover holding a green sofa
You will need several strong and experienced people to relocate heavy furniture and a piano.

So, if you intend on moving a piano from one room to another, then you can do it with the help of your family members. For all other relocations, call long distance moving companies Philadelphia. Especially if you are moving a piano long distance. Movers are the best, safest, and most affordable option out there. The tools and knowledge they possess are irreplaceable.

How to prepare a piano for moving?

One thing you can do is to prepare a piano for moving. As someone who has been using this instrument for a while now, obviously, you know how to clean and maintain it. And you should do just that. Before you pack it in a protective sheet, clean your piano inside out. Make sure everything is in good order and that all mechanisms are working as intended. Simply because if something happens along the way, you’ll know your piano was fine before it left your house. Besides, you want your piano to stay in good shape, and what better time to do some cleaning than now? Clean and prepare your piano, and you can tune it and use it the same day you arrive in your new home.

Think about the moving insurance

Most people purchase moving insurance for regular home relocations. And especially when they have expensive items such as pianos. You should consider doing the same. So, ask your movers if they can sell you one. If they do not have it or have bad coverage, you should purchase it from the insurance company. But most reputable companies should have insurance, so do not worry about it. Just talk to your movers about this subject before signing a moving contract.

a grand piano
The piano is one of the most expensive instruments. Purchase insurance and keep yours secure.

It is time to relocate a piano

All left to do now is to get your piano out of the home and into the moving truck. Yes, your professional furniture movers Philadelphia will cover this task. But this does not mean you can’t supervise the process and assist if needed. Firstly, you must stay out of the way and use your eyes only to spot irregularities. If there are any, of course. Keep an eye out for dead angles, narrow corridors, staircases, etc. Having an extra pair of eyes at this time is more than welcome. As long as you are not interfering too much and making this process even harder. Let your movers do the trick, and your piano will be just fine. After all, you are paying them to do exactly that.

Now you know what moving a piano long distance should look like. Prepare your moving plan, set aside a moving budget, call your movers on time, and be packed and ready before they arrive. Everything else is up to your moving team. Focus on finding a good one and consider purchasing moving insurance. It is better to stay safe than sorry. Good luck.

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