Genius Hacks and Solutions for Moving Furniture from NJ

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You have finally decided on moving from NJ to PA. Such relocation is not an easy one at all. You must create a moving plan, prepare the budget, find proper movers, and prepare your furniture for the long journey ahead. And probably the hardest part in this story is moving furniture from NJ to your new home in PA. Luckily, we have gathered a few tips and tricks on how to do it right. Let’s dive right in and make sure your furniture is safely relocated.

Create a plan for moving furniture from NJ to your new location

Before you start searching for movers Philadelphia PA you must create a moving plan. It should include all the info about your furniture, a moving date, a budget, and the moving services you want to purchase. So, you need an inventory list along with a moving checklist. One is there to track your items and the other to track your steps and make sure all moving-related tasks are covered in due time. So, figure out the moving date first, then cover your moving budget accordingly. Also, measure all the furniture and inspect the environment as well. Only then you’ll be sure there are no obstacles along the way and that your furniture can leave without any damage.

woman creating a list for moving furniture from NJ
Inspect the environment and all your furniture. Take measurements and prepare everything for your moving team.

Measuring and preparing the furniture

Once you create a moving plan and figure out all the moving steps, you should start preparing furniture for moving. Moving furniture from NJ is hard and complicated labor so you must have all the details. Therefore, start by inspecting the furniture. Take all the measurements and write them down on the moving checklist. Take special notes about robust and oddly shaped pieces. And of course, empty and clean all furniture before moving them anywhere. Once you do, your furniture will be ready for moving out of the home and into the moving truck.

You will probably work with long distance moving companies Philadelphia on this project. Or maybe you will ask a few friends to assist. Nevertheless, you still must have all the measurements and info ready. Organize yourself and avoid injuries and other unpleasant situations.

The professional moving team will help you with moving furniture from NJ to anywhere you like

You will surely hire furniture movers Philadelphia to help you with the hard labor. Or they can cover the entire moving process. No matter what you choose, you must have professionals by your side while moving furniture from NJ. Unless you know exactly what you are doing, and you have the license to operate a moving truck. In that case, simply rent one and do everything with a bit of help from your friends and family. But in the real world, almost 99% of all relocations are accompanied by professional movers.

mover taking the sofa out of the house
Professional movers will take care of your furniture safely and affordably.

So, you should find yourself a reputable moving team as well. Check online and make sure they have competitive prices, all the tools, enough experience, and an appropriate set of moving services Philadelphia area. Guided by your moving plan and the measures you have gathered earlier; you will assemble a safe moving plan together. Hence, start searching and once you find a company, give them a call, and communicate further. Your relocation will be safe with reputable movers by your side.

Obtain all the tools and packing materials needed

When moving furniture from NJ to your new home, you must have all the necessary tools and equipment along with packing supplies. Packing is time-consuming, boring, and expensive so you better cover it as soon as possible. So, stop by the local hardware store and purchase enough cardboard boxes, blister packs, adhesive tape, and labels. It is all you need to pack the entire home. And remember, the cardboard comes flat, and you must assemble boxes by yourself. Before doing that, use some cardboard to protect the furniture if possible. Although, the better solution and a bit more expensive is to wrap all your furniture in bubble wrap. It should be enough to keep your furniture protected.

As for the tools required, your movers will probably bring everything you need. But the basic home tool set should be enough if you are covering some moving stages yourself. You are good to go if you have pliers, a hammer, and a screwdriver. It is enough to disassemble anything you need to.

Disassemble what you can

At some point, you must decide if you are going to disassemble any of the furniture. Some furniture pieces must be disassembled if you want to get them out of the house. Or you can remove the door frame and do it this way. Although, a king-sized bed or a piano won’t fit through anyway. Yes, the piano shouldn’t be meddled with. Simply let your piano movers Philadelphia handle that one and think about it no more. But furniture like a king-sized bed or big wardrobes can be disassembled. And you should consider doing it. Especially if you lack space inside a moving truck or at your new apartment.

a coupe disassembling furniture
If you disassemble some of the furniture, you will have an easier time loading the moving truck.

Just keep in mind that some furniture shouldn’t be disassembled. Consult with the user’s manual or the manufacturer before doing it. Also, your movers can tell you this while evaluating everything on site. But the general rule of thumb is that plastic furniture is not disassembled. Wooden furniture has many exceptions, depending on the wood they are made of. Also, consult with the art dealer if you have antiques or avoid disassembling such an expensive piece.

Declutter and downsize if needed

Decluttering is an important pre-move process. Some people remove a few pieces of clothing and still find it good enough for their wardrobes. But if you have time to declutter before moving like a pro, you will gain much more. In your situation, you are aiming for the furniture, but if you have a bit more time, you should declutter the entire house. Simply while packing set aside all things, you do not need anymore. The furniture included. Once you have all the broken, outdated, and not-needed items piled up, use one of the popular methods to get rid of them. You can do the following:

  • Donate to charities.
  • Give to the local church or friends and family.
  • Recycle.
  • Sell online or at a garage sale.
  • Throw everything away.

Choose a method you are most comfortable with and do it right. If you declutter, you will have fewer items to relocate. This means fewer items to pack as well. Not to mention all the money you’ll save because your relocation is easier, faster, and more efficient. Think about it and if possible, do it.

Now you have a few hacks for moving furniture from NJ to your new place. It won’t be easy like no relocation is. But at least now you can prepare adequately and do whatever is necessary to create a safe and healthy moving environment. Good luck.

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