Best Philly Neighborhoods for Families with Kids

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You have decided to relocate the entire family to one of the better Philadelphia neighborhoods. Or do you want to start a family but in a more promising place? Worry not. Philly boasts of some of the best cities, townships, and villages in the entire US. And before you start packing and working with one of the moving companies Philadelphia PA, we will share a list with a couple of Philly neighborhoods for families with kids. We have chosen only the best one for you, so let’s dive right in.

Get ready to relocate to one of the best Philly neighborhoods for families with kids

Obviously, you will check everything online and pay attention to pictures of your new neighborhood. Also, you must check social media, blog posts, and other sources to confirm this is the best choice for you. The experience of someone who is living or has lived there is extremely valuable in this situation. But while searching for Philly neighborhoods, you must search for residential movers Philadelphia area as well. Simply because both topics go well together, and you do not want to do them separately. It will take too much time, so you should do it simultaneously.

mother and a child thinking about Philly neighborhoods for families with kids
Figure out which Philly neighborhoods for families with kids to consider and start packing.

Once you find a good neighborhood and read a bit about it, check if there are reliable movers in the area. And you will easily find them. Search online, compare prices, read a few reviews, and choose your moving service. And remember to check the special services like storage rentals or packing service Philadelphia. Some services can make this journey far easier than it might look at the beginning.


We will begin our journey in the cozy little community of Roxborough. It is a typical suburb with great schools, playgrounds, parks, and a ton of fun for the children. It is something you see only on TV. But in reality, it is not far away from it. Your kids will receive the best education the US school system can provide. Also, people here are hard-working and positive. You will have to ask around and spend hours searching for an unemployed person. And yes, it is one of the safest neighborhoods in PA as well. So, with a strong community, educated people, and a median income of over $63k, you are set for success.

As for the family activities, you’ll be glad to hear Roxborough covered it all. Amazing restaurants, shopping places, ice cream parlors, and bowling pits await you and your children. Grown-ups will appreciate that there are a few museums, art centers, and opera. Who knows, your kids might love it as well. So, if you like it so far, read a bit about the place and then call your local movers Philadelphia. They will help you become a part of this amazing community in no time.

Mount Airy

This place is probably the most family-oriented on this list. Almost 70% of the residents have children so you won’t have any issues finding new people to spend time with. And with so many people with children, you can only imagine what the environment looks like. There are hundreds of places for outdoor activities, great diners, quite a few shops, and of course, a lot of parks and playgrounds. So, if you are looking for a place where you can safely raise your kids, look no further. Mount Airy can easily be your number one choice.

kids having fun on the playground
If raising kids and keeping them safe is your priority, Mount Airy is the place to be in.


Now off to Manayunk. It is almost the same as Mount Airy but in addition to being pet friendly. As a matter of fact, this place is the most dog-friendly place on the entire continent. There are quite a few parks, walking trails, and pet-friendly cafes to enjoy with your pets and kids. And the statistics are the same as well. More than 70% of people here have kids, and the entire neighborhood is full of amenities for families. We are sure you’ll have everything you need in one of the safest and most family-friendly neighborhoods in Philly.

Chestnut Hill is surely one of the Philly neighborhoods for families with kids

We can’t have a list of Philly neighborhoods for families with kids without including the Village of Chestnut Hill. It is more known as a garden district than anything else. The untamed and protected nature is all over the place. And at first, it might not even look so safe. But as a matter of fact, this place is one of the safest in the entire US. Crime rates are lower than in any other city in PA, while income is one of the highest. And you will love the infrastructure and architecture. Three-floor buildings and houses are predominant here. Some of them date to the early 1900s. And there are quite a few landmarks, museums, and theaters here. So, we are sure you’ll have a ton of fun as well.

Chestnut Hills is one of Philly neighborhoods for families with kids
If you want to raise your kids in a healthy environment. The nature of Chestnut Hill is what you need.

And before we continue, check online how beautiful this place is. You will be astonished by all the nature, parks, and green areas this place holds. It is truly astonishing how serene it looks. And it looks even better in person. So, call your furniture movers Philadelphia and become one with the amazing nature of Chestnut Hill.

Fairmount-Spring Garden

We will end strong with one of the most promising Philly neighborhoods for families with kids. The community of Fairmount-Spring Garden is diverse, welcoming, and relaxed. Simply because this place has everything a family needs. Above all, safety and high income. Such an environment led to one of the highest grades in schools which is something you’ll look forward to as well. The majority of the population holds a college diploma which is another reason why this place is prosperous. And, of course, the people here are well-educated and situated. When we add great jobs to this picture, there is nothing they can worry about. And neither will you. Now all you must do is relocate in the same manner. Find and purchase great moving services Philadelphia area and have a stress-free relocation to the Fairmount-Spring Garden.

Now you know enough about Philly neighborhoods for families with kids. Now you just have to choose the best one for you and start heading there. We are sure you’ll have a promising future in one of the neighborhoods on our list. If not, search a bit more, and we are sure you will find something. After all, Philly is full of them. Good luck.

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